How Do I Go About Trying To Cultivate A Relationship With A Girl That Has Issues With Males? She's Not Myopic And All Her Reasons Are Valid. We Get Along Very Well And She Doesn't Treat Me The Way She Feels About Males But....


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Honey, you can't change people's minds about these things. If she has a problem with males, that is something she has to work out.  The last thing she wants is someone trying to push a relationship on her.  Be her friend, let her gain your trust. She has alot of emotional problems with her that needs to be handle on her own.  I would just remain friends for a while. Later on if she seems that she is interested and believe me you will know by her actions. I would start a casual dating relationship like going to dinner or a movie.  This seems like a situation that has to be a slow.  Your patience is going to be needed in this.  Good luck!
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Well being that she hasn't automatically shut you out and the fact that you two get along so well should be a glimmer of hope for you. All you should do is prove to her that she doesn't have to worry about you being like the other guys in her life that she's had issues with. Not verbally of course, just be yourself and let her see for herself. If she's not treating you the way she says she usually treats males then that's a good sign, just continue being yourself with her and getting to know her. Hopefully she sees you for who you are and you guys can move into something more, cause I'm sure you're not the only one who would want that, no matter what deep down all girls want to find someone special for them. Good luck!
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Cher-Pierre Davis
Thank you. It's what I felt I should do. Yet, I needed to hear from someone else that there was a chance. Thanks I'll need the luck. She's a catch!
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You have got to accept the way she is. Give her some time to get open to you, as you say that she didn't treat you the way she use to treat other men then, my friend! Give some time to both of you.

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