What do you think is the strongest feeling that you can not control is?


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Te mar answered
Honestly, I have to say loneliness. It's hard to help yourself feel better when you feel like no one else in the world will understand you. Once the loneliness sets in, along with it comes depression, sorrow, and sometimes even hate. It's happened to me before, but over time other people helped me feel better :) But for those who haven't escaped these feelings yet, they need to seek help from others.
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Joe B. answered
Would being trustful be a feeling?
I have trouble with that one... Often I am too trusting and it usually ends up causing me pain in the end.
Tatumn Parmentor Profile
Jealousy because it is hard for me not to be jealous when someone has something that I want. But their is a huge difference between being jealous and not liking someone because of jealousy.
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Has to be matters of the heart, sometimes they can be very confusing and overwhelming
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marissa lopez answered
Love & Anger.</3
Love is something that will let your feelings take over & you have no absolute control.
Anger is something that can hurt you & someone else. Its a very dangerous feeling that many can't never seem to control.
Hoped this helped.(:
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blah blah answered
Love. You don't get to choose who you love it just happens weither you like it your not.
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ashley cullen answered
Anger. It has to be anger anytime for me. It's something i can't control, no matter how hard i try. And yes, again anger is the most positive part of you too. On one hand when it may be destructive, on the other it can take you places and have positive results too.
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Lalala XD answered
Anger... Actually im too extreme with all the feelings and stuff but anger is something i really cant control!
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chinna Krishna answered
Anger of course...
All the other feelings can b controlled but anger is the one thing that humans cant control anger...

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