If you were to receive a gift card from a beloved someone, what would it be?


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Ancient Hippy answered

A gift card for a ride into outer space on board Richard Branson's SpaceShipTwo. It's only $250,000 per seat.

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Amazon for books.

Houston's for dinner.

Gift card to fill my house with flowers once a week. Love it when my house has flowers. It just brightens my day.

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Danae Hitch
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My grandmother grew flowers all the time and it wasn't for show. She planted flowers to give to her friends and to have in her house all the time. It gave her such joy to pick the right flowers for her friends or to give to her church. Thank you for sharing.
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My whole family knows if they are going to give me a giftcard, make it Starbucks. I usually get quite a few for Christmas. One year I made it all the way to July before I had to fork out my own money for a Mocha. This year I will probably make to April.

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