Why Am I ALWAYS Geting Treated Bad By A Guy When Im In A Relationship?


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Because you let them and they know this and take advantage of you so toughen up and try controlling more than being a sheep here and if they dont like it, tough, dump them and move on til you find Mr Right
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Arthur Wright
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Sorry just one of those nights that Im dishing out some awful tough love so sorry if I offend you
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It shows that you doesn't know to dominate in a relationship.. You letting him hurt you and take advantage of you.. NEVER give up your self-respect.. And don't be too addicted to him which makes him feel that he can take advantage on you easily..
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It works both ways... Some women treat their men like crap because they know the sap will take it and ask for more...
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Thats a surefire sign for you to just move on and like Arthur says. Toughen up. Don't let anyone walk all over you.
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May be because you give them enough space that you forgets about yourself and your self respect.

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