Why Do We Fall In Love With The Wrong People?


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Love just happens!

No conditions can be attached with love, and by that nature, there aren't any barriers around who you do and don't fall in love with.  You might think that you have met your perfect match, your soul mate, and one day, you could wake up and feel differently - this would then make them the wrong person. 
I guess you could also mean falling in love with people who aren't really available, but falling in love with them isn't wrong, the action of an affair is.  I think it's possible that someone's unavailability can make them more attractive to people, and these people will often fall for the 'wrong person' because of the type of relationships they tend towards.  Ever heard a woman say, "I can't help it, I always go for the bad guys".  These women know that they pick the wrong type of person for them, but many people are stuck in this cycle and can't get out of it.

And its also not necessary that most of the people fall in love with the wrong persons. There are good and bad people in this world, so there is an equal possibility to fall in love with a wrong person or a right person.

Love Is Not Planned
There isn't a design or plan to love, it has very few rules and transcends class, color and creed...so who is to say who is a wrong or right person to fall in love with.  It might be that love is never simple, but then life isn't, so why would one of our strongest emotions be an easy one to cope with?  What you can be sure of, is if it is real love, even if it is difficult in the first place, maybe there is an age gap, or your family don't approve, or maybe it is an arranged marriage...and you feel they are wrong for you.  If real love is the thread that holds you together, after the storm, once you've gone past the difficulties, the rewards will be magnificent!
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We fall in love with the wrong people for we know there can't be anybody just right than the wrong person...after all love is not planned...it just happens...thats why we fall in love...with the wrong person...at the end of the day...you are happy being with the wrong person.....for you are in love...cheers
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Love comes when you least expect it. And most of the time, it comes with a person you shouldn't be really falling in love with :(
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We don't choose who our hearts fall in love with... ♥
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No they are just part of your life that will help you to grow and they are also an obstacle that you need to pass until you reach your goal that is your destiny,don't say that they are wrong people because they are the one that will help you to grow as human......let it be
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More than likely we fall 'in love' with the wrong people because we know they are not right for us or unattainable. Could be a case of low self esteem, 'I am not worthy of love in my own right'. We desire the one who is already taken knowing we can't have them, which stops us being rejected by them!
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I think it is simple... One of those things we tend to complicate... Bottom line is we simply cannot control who our hearts fall in love with... If we did would it really be love?
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Destiny, Chemistry, Luck,...who knows? I think that if we are alright with ourselves, then we will be alright with others, but that is not always the case. I think it is important to move on when we have failed, and to learn from our mistakes. Hope is the most potent force in the universe.
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To make room for the ones who are right for you and to prove that they are not the ones for you:) And to get some dating experience since if you start finding the right girl or guy immedietely, you will not have an interesting relationship background at all. It is fun telling stories of your ex's :)

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