Why do people fall in love so easily?


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Most people fall more in "love" with idea of being in love and probably from TV shows, come up with that idea that being in love brings happiness and excitement which most people crave so they meet someone they thing is Mr or Mrs Right and theyre off to Paradise without ever realizing that anything and everything doess happen on TV and realistically is never like that in real life, and then end up disappointed when reality does set in thus the high rate of divorecs, broken relationships and heart aches in the world today
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Youre quite welcome and comes from many years of education and experience in helping people in their personel relationships
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So true.
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people needs individual persons true affection so they will crabbed easily by love. 
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Well, nobody knows when the love come...  Actually am in love with a girl and she asked me the same question "why do you fall in love to me so easily?" then I said "am going to tell you the answer if I could ask my heart.... I don't know exactly why do I fall in love with you... I just feel comfort with you and you take all my attention... Thats all I have to say to you... I don't know why you're so amazing in my eyes"
well I think love doesnt need a time... Love comes to people who open his heart...
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It's so easy to fall in love--- goes a song. But is your love really love? Meeting someone when you are lonely and unhappy is not love but companions in misery. True love is centred on the happiness of the one you love. Daydreaming is a sign of infatuation, not love. True love is a bond, you don't reveal intimate details of your relationship. Love does not diminish when one partner is away for a long period. Love is superficial if some doubts exist in your mind. Some jealousy is normal, but extreme jealousy is just possessiveness and not true love.

Hope I have covered the most important points. Hope it will be helpful.
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Sadly to say it is a defect of the heart and no one has ever invented a cure for it yet. Lol!! Thank God!
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Infatuation and crushes (what I am referring to what you call "falling in love") happens so often because it feels good. I know plenty of people that just like the feeling of "falling in love". It puts you on a high, and gets you through hard times. It's your body's own natural drug.
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I DON'T KNOW BUT WHEN I WAS A little tiny girl like 7 I had a crush on a boy I won't say his name so I'll call him Bob lol.  Bob was nice and funny.  I thought I loved him when I met him. He made me feel different... And always made me feel good.
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You know its love when it last longer than theĀ infatuation stageĀ 
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Some romanticise being "IN LOVE." I think our environment, culture, TV, movies, novels, magazines and advertisements all influences us w/the fantasy of being in love.
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I don't know why but I've found in my situations the more you love and care for someone the more they hurt you, so we should not love or feel at all
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The word is Flamboyant, one who fall fast =0 and not ALL people do's

In my own Opinion is that ever since you start growing, you've never realized how important your mind is and what it could do to you, you might not have train it well while it was fresh. So on your growing up age, it get chu down

Think of it this way: When you are train to do something your whole life, and some random day you bump into a odd position in life, you have nothing to face it because your not familiar with them, and very ambivalent

that why its good to train it well =) Hope this helps

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