How To I Get Her To Fall In Love With Me Again?


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If you want someone to be in love with you then all you have to do is be nice to them and show them how much you love them and be with them in every turn in life or try to be with them no matter what. See when you love someone all you have to do is show that person how much you care about them. Spend time with her, show her that you love her be with her, and give her time, show her how important she is to you.

No matter what the reason is all you have to do is how those people that you still have feeling for her and be there when she needs you. You see love is all about making someone feel on top of this world. Basically love is initially felt when you can't see them unhappy or in any sort of stress or problem. Love is all about sharing the saddest and the happiest moments together. Stand beside each other through thick and thin. Holding hands and never letting go and having faith in each other that no matter what happens, they will never turn their backs at each other.
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Every relationship ends, in death, divorce or some other means.  Accept this fact and use yourself as a tool to create happiness in others.  Put your own feelings and insecurities aside and take care of others emotions.  This is attractive to everyone including  your ex.
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Just be your self and stay cool and don't let them figure you out. Stay strong and never give up
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You need to stop doing things she doesn't like you doing.  Change to make her happy and pleased to share with you.
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Show her that you really love and care for her do things to make her happy don't question her too much it will make her feel uncomfortable just make her happier
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Funny to say...we got back together, but 3 months later right after our three year anniversary, she wanted another break...its all just to confusing because I can't understand exactly what she's thinking, and no one can...but she says she obviously still loves me. She she's just been thinking about a lot of random stuff lately..I just don't know what to do n e more I mean I will wait and give her the space she wants, and be there for her. I still want to be with her and still love her, but I'm just scared that this could be the end. But she still loves me she says and when we hang out, even though we aren't a couple we act like one. With the kisses and I love you's and the cuddling and what not. I'm just down in the dumps riht now because its the second time this summer its happened, and this is the irl I planned on marryin in the near future. What should I do?
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It depends on the cause or reason of the break up. As long as both of you have no legal impediments, there is always great possibility that you can win her back. If a third party has been involved then this is a matter of time to be considered. One has to wait when the girl breaks up or give up the other guy...or you need to make her wake up to her senses that YOU are the better person for her. Pursue her if you really love her! A determined man can always attain his goal.
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Show her you are a good and strong man by having the ability to move on, rekindle your own interests, she will notice, but remember this one important thing, you must be the man who will protect her and ensure her survival, if she is still not intersted, well quite frankly, her loss my good friend.
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Well talking is good but I have to say time away from it is good because if it happens too often you lose the excitement in it you just need to make her interested in it again.

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