How Can I Fall In Love With My Husband Again After Being Together For 12 Years?


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Sounds like he could use some hugs and kisses too. He needs to get medical attention from a dentist for his gum/teeth disease. Fix the reason and the rest just might follow. Supporting him while he is getting his severe halitosis fixed might bring you both closer together. 12 years is too much to toss.
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Hi, has your husband had a check up lately. Sometimes bad breath is coming from problems in the body other than his month. Have him see his Doctor or Dentist that may clear up his odor problem. Then you can have a good old kissing time. Take care
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Just think about what made you fall in love love with him in the first place and see if that feeling is still there
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I know where you're coming from. .. same prob with my hubby. It was so offensive other people would say, did somebody step in crap, it smelled just like it. Well, I finally told him about it and he admitted he rotten teeth in the back and was scared of the dentist. I found him a gentle dentist and she fixed him up. No more bad breath.
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Think about what really brought you together in the first place then go to your favourite place and see what happens
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Have you ever discussed this with him? I am sure he would be touched to hear how much you miss him in this way. I would invest in some breath strips and go to town. Let him know how saddened you have been at the distance caused by this hygiene issue and swear to him you will do what ever it takes to get your lips back on his!
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I've been married for 8 years I love my husband so bad and he apparently fell out of love with me 7 months ago, he wants me to get a job and move out, I love him so much and I never saw this coming how do I get him back?

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