Can I Fall Back In Love With My Husband After He Cheated On Me With His Coworker Who He Still Works With?


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Forgiving is easy...forgetting is the hard part. It is possible to forgive him and move forward, reestablishing your relationship but if you know you wont ever be able to trust him again, don't do it. It's not worth being suspicious all the time, jumping on his back for being late, etc. He may be innocent the second time around, and if your nagging and suspicious, you may cause him to leave. Spare yourself the agony if you know you cannot trust him again.
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I know how you feel, something like that happened to me with my ex-husband... notice I said ex-husband... He was a pervert, he did things to me all the time and somehow convinced me to "forgive" him... But inside I never really did. He cheated on me several times and I finally realized that I had lost all the love and respect I once had for him.    In order for you to find the answer to your question you need to first ask yourself, "how do I feel?"... Do you want revenge?... Can you forget what happened?... Is it better to just move on?    I answered yes to two of those questions... And made the decision to leave my ex-husband even though he threaghtened me, made it extremely hard, and almost convinced me to "forgive" him again. I've been divorced for almost five years now. To this day I'm still glad of the decision I made to leave his sorry a.s.s.
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I once tried to regain trust for a man who cheated on me and I learned that it is next to impossible to do. I read somewhere "once a cheater, always a cheater" and I think that is indeed the truth. He broke your trust once and if you "forgive" him he will most likely do it again thinking you will once again "forgive" him. Kick him to the curb and get yourself a man that will respect you the way you deserve.
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This is the question that you already have the answer to. Is it worth trusting him again? In your heart you must want to trust him again. If your intuition and love is that strong for this man then you should give it a shot if you feel like he is truly sorry for cheating on you. But if you feel you cannot trust him and the burden would be too heavy then do not and move on. But in the end if you want it you can trust him again. But if you doubt will have always have a battle of good and evil that will ruin everything anyway. You are the final decision maker.
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You can't help who you fall in love with and sometimes you will love someone no matter what they have done. It can be a curse in many ways due to no matter how much you might not want to love them so it at least takes away the pain, you still do. Just be careful and don't let your heart get broken some times its best to just let go before it gets worse. Hope it helps, sorry if it doesn't .
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no one answered about if he cheated when apparently I and him were broken up a few times with this co-worker...but now that the truth is out due to me snooping, he begged me back saying it was a huge mistake of the past and we were not doing good as a couple...but is that an excuse??...although it took time but I took him back...I think a lot mostly because he still works with her!! it normal that I've accepted this?...he apparently has zero communication with her now, only for I crazy to live with this?...and what does it mean that it happened more than once with her...and now our life is great together...I see him so changed but it still makes me mad that I live with them working together, I find myself crazy to live with this!

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