My Husband Cheated On Me After 15 Years Of Marriage. He Had A Relationship With Her For 4 Months Until He Was Caught. He Was "With Her" Twice. How Do I Know It Won't Happen Again.?


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I have been through this before if you truly believe he wont do it again great. Every 1 deserves a 2nd chance (especially after 15yr) I went to counseling & asked him every & any thing I had to. It still bothers me to this day. It is a very hard thing to deal with make sure he is willing to deal with it also. But if your going to for give (he must leave it alone go to counseling talk there I learned you can't through it in his face at the time) no body said your going to for get. I wish you all the luck and if he makes you happy hell with what people say. Fix it when you meet people that have been married for 40 yr can you image what they went through to make it that long.
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I totally understand how hurt you feel and it will take a long time for you to trust him again. He will show this in his actions towards you when you are feeling bad remembering it. I think it is interesting he says that he regrets it very much and it was the biggest mistake of his life.If you feel that he means this and if he is willing to build trust with you and answer all your questions and show true remorse then I think you will be OK. The ones that cheat again are the ones who get angry and frustrated when you ask them about it, don't fully apoligise and don't show they realise how much they have hurt you. Yes he will get frustrated when you show him how much he has hurt you but if he is always trying to reassure you and agrees he was wrong then I think you can genuinely trust him.
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I do agree with you Shirley. A second chance should be given if she feels from heart that her husband is regretting truly! People often make mistakes...and that is why they are human beings and not Angels! A second chance should be given to rectify the mistake, otherwise he would feel that his repentance has no value...provided his repentance his true!
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I don't know what it's like to be married for 15 years, but I know it's a pretty darn b*st*rd thing to do to something so deceiving who's given you their life and love faithfully for that long. I think if your husband was that guilty about it, he wouldn't have kept coming back to her for four months. Do you believe that he's only been with her twice in four months? It sounds like it's time for an interrogation. I suggest you take him to counselling and threaten to leave him if he doesn't give you all the truth. You really need to put him on the spot. You have to love yourself and have pride in some cases, be able to see the truth, not just what you want to see. Think about it hard. Just make sure you know that he isn't lying, and nevertheless, you must make him pay for what he has done to you. If you are going to forgive him you must make sure he is learning a hard lesson. Here is a guide to know if someone is lying to you:
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I've been there and this Is what he told me when I asked why.  He had the nerve to tell me he loves me too.  I wanted answers and he gavee none.  When he said "I love you too", it sounded like I was #2.  I just couldn't have someone I'm married to sleeping in my bed and putting me second in his life.  So I told him to take the love he has for me and give it all to her.
I loved and stood by my husband for 15 years and he deceived me.  Bye bye hubby, I well we deserve better.
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I took my husband back after an 8-month affair. Five years later they are back in touch and he has decided to end it. Don't waste your time. Really, don't.

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