Can I Get Husband Back Even Though He Says He Is In Love With Another Woman?


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Honey, do not grovel in front of a man who has made it obvious that he is done with you.  Do not give him the satisfaction of knowing that you want him even after he has humiliated you with another woman.  Stand tall & wish her luck because she is going to need it.  Once a cheater, it is only a matter of time until the wander lust hits the cheater again.  Get a lawyer and one who is a real bull dog.  Get everything you can and then move on with your life.  You deserve to be treated with respect.  Do not allow someone to degrade you like this guy has and then go back asking for more mistreatment.  From what you have said, he has made no move to reconcile with you or given any indication that he might even consider dumping the girlfriend.  Why waste your time on this man when there are other more loyal, loving, caring, truthful and faithful men available?  You can do better than the cheater you were married to.  You deserve better.   

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