I want to know if i have a chance to get back together with my ex. He flirts with me and everyone says he still likes me , but he took another girl to the dance? We dated for 3 years.


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Ethan Morgan Profile
Ethan Morgan answered

I would advice maybe talking to him but otherwise do not get back together. If you have broke up it was probably for a good reason and so you do not get hurt.

Danae Hitch Profile
Danae Hitch answered

Direct communication with your ex is called for in this situation. That way, you'll both understand what's going on. You guys broke up for a reason. If nothing has changed, I'm not sure why you would want to get back together with him.

Michael Poland Profile
Michael Poland answered

There is someone watching you who would

like to get to know you. But they see that you

have another interest. The perfect one is out

there waiting for a chance.

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