I have a crush on a boy a year older and I have never spoken to him before and I don't see him much but his ex is a popular mean girl and I don't want her to find out or get angry if we were dating P.S I think he likes me back?


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Heads up - if you're in a school, eventually everyone will know what you're doing as schools are a breeding ground for gossip and drama.

2nd heads up: If you have a crush on a boy and you want to talk to him, go ahead. It's a free country. You're allowed to say HI and How's it going to anyone you want. If mean girl finds out that you SPOKE to him, what's she going to do?

3rd heads up: If she wishes to start some drama over this, you can simply tell her that all you did was speak to him - say it nicely - not in a snotty manner and then be silent. You can nod and smile and say OK and then walk away.

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Academic achievement is important everything else waste of time in the long run? Leave things as they are and put a check on your hormones?

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