Um... Ok I have a crush I'm my class.... I love him soooo much I just don't want to admit it I think he has a crush on me I just don't know what to do.... I need advice please? Because I love him soooo much and stuff like that!


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

By you asking this question, it tells me you are young and nothing wrong with that but what you describe is actually called infatuation when one is young, with a lot to learn.  The problem being that no one can make another feel the same way as we do about them the majority of the time. The most you can do here is try to be friends and maybe one day he will see you as GF material and definitely don't put him on the spot by telling him how you feel as most guys hate this especially if they are NOT interested in you. So be patient and friends and let Nature do the rest and if it was meant to be , it will happen and above all, just be yourself

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Amanda Layne answered

Tell him or don;t tell him.. It's your choice, but are you going to be any happier keeping it a secret?

If you get rejected that will hurt, but life goes on. Just keep your head held high and ask someone else out to make him jealous if he says no lol

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Tina Scott answered

Crushes are the best thing.

Because you idiolize the person and make him feel important and much better than they really are.

This is the most important thing about human nature falling in love our of no where for no particular reason.

Let it linger and enjoy it before bad things come in life.

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Just ask him out and if he rejects you then ask him to hangout.

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