What Makes You Feel Really Sad And Horrible?


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I agree homeless people as well as the endless amount of adverts about child abuse and animal cruelty thats just overly harsh and then personally there are people who can make you feel really bad like liars cheaters useres and two faced people they suck bug time
but hey theres plenty of things to make you happy to though :))
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When I visit my mum for Christmas or other holiday, and she cries when I have to leave and return home.
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You are right it does make me feel sad to see people in countries other than Britain begging for money. No one in the UK would need to survive on a pound a day,they would receive far more than this from our abused welfare state. Obviously Coldplace you have not been to India or Egypt.
I think you had. You would then be suicidal
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Needless death of others, and the fact that my own death will someday occur.
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When one of my pets die... (Don't worry I take care of my pets I'm a pet lover but like in the past I had some die and I cry a lot after) Seeing homeless people (I just feel so bad and grateful I'm not homeless).
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When i had a mailing addressment i caught the staff there stealing the mail. When it was discovered, they denied it!
I was sent phony mail to cover their theft.
I dicovered i was robbed millions.
I hate thiefs.
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There are robbers in my neighborhood ( there probably still here to) and they broke into my truck and stole my ipod and my purse ( i was tired and didn't know i left it in there) and my moms 80.00 sunglasses!
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My auntys dog got cissres and they r gonna put em to sleep. :( aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! :( he was such a good dog!:(
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Nothing makes me feel sad and horrible...I do NOT allow that to happen to myself. Although many things frustrate me...such a moochers who COULD work and choose NOT to work. The government and its handouts really tick me off. People who are afraid of the REAL answers in life is also another irritating factor.  I do many things with HUMOR; but people do not seem to get it. I am a female who has seen many bad things in life because I CHOSE to enlist in the military and it just so happened that I was in the wrong parts of the world at the right time. Coming from an upper class family and the baby of the family, I gained hardiness in the military. I respect the military and loved my work...every moment of it...things happen and this is life. One must do what one has to do, fulfill the commitments and move on. Smiling and laughing can heal many wounds. Looking back at terrible occurrences only worsens things. Everyday of my life is better than yesterday because I do not ALLOW myself to be dragged DOWN by others. I have noticed that certain individuals on this site cry about the least of things, report it and my answers are deleted. These are the people who have very LITTLE insight to life and cannot take a joke. One must laugh in life and one must also understand how to LAUGH at himself for without laughter, we cannot make it through life. I pity people who cannot laugh at themselves. I laugh my way through pain, anguish and everything. I had an ovarian cyst recently. The doctor was so sure that it was NOT benign.He was so upset because I kept smiling and telling him that God was not ready for me. He expressed his concern for me NOT being serious. I cannot bog my mind down with being serious. I am very productive in my social, family and work life. I do not need to be serious to get my point across. Being sad only leads to worse situations. My neighbors all have money...along with drinking, depression and children problems. I do not have any drama because I do NOT allow myself to be sad. I believe that sadness is a sign of weakness and I am NOT a weak person. It is up to each individual to decide his/her future/destiny. If one chooses sadness then that shall be your destiny.  The mind can overcome anything and I am a WITNESS to that. Yes, I have memories that are horrible; but, that was yesterday. I do not have bad dreams and I do not dwell on the ugly in life. Just be happy. When u wake up, sing and the whole day can only be better.
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What makes me feel sad and horrible is that the people we elected to take care of business has treated us like fools and slaves for years, and it is only getting worse!  Unless the American people speak up, we are on the Titanic!They want us to continue to pay billions (which will gradually squeeze us to death)to keep  them enjoying their lavish lifestyles, as we go down the drain. We need to speak up to get our country back!
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It is indeed a cold hard world of ours.  It is a sad fact of life.  All one can do is do what one can do to make it  a better place to live in. Be kind to others. Help one another  when needed.
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Getting bad marks in exams. To be betrayed by people and especially by my best friend. As well as not being loved by the one I love, being extremely ill.
I can get sad when I'm humiliated or laughed at in front of plenty of people and when it occurs to me that I'm never gonna have a solution to my problem of orientation.
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Currently it is people that you believe are friends that do not back you up and berate you about the way you truly feel.
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emma loveees youuu xo
Take a chill pill mate i was only being honest...honesty is important.
And if you're trying to make me argue or something...no way
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When I think about how the world could be if people would only learn to Love one another, and compare that to what it is like, I get very sad.
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Seeing homeless people, thinking back 2 years ago about a camp (makes me sad, mad, and happy), and thinking about how many friends I really have next to how many I make myself think I have....
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Just this past week I had a phone call that broke my heart.  My brother (5 years younger than me) has had a stroke.  Knowing that someone you love dearly is ill and you can not be with them is sad and horrible!
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Liverpool fc being in the posotion they are in now , with useless owners- very weak squad  need a new ground  money for new players and the manager is rubbish
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Abuse or neglect, whether the victims are children, animals, wives, shy or low-self-esteem people (to bullies), naive people, or anyone else who has difficulty or no chance of defending themselves. The kind of abuse that disheartens, discourages and makes a person feel like they aren't worthy of life or love is the worst!

Pain and suffering of any kind gets me really, but this is a two-sided coin. If it wasn't for the suffering I've endured, I wouldn't be as sympathetic toward others who are suffering. Also, I would have never been humbled before God and sought to know him, but for the lowness I've felt when suffering. So, for me, suffering is also a gift.
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I f i gain weight or seeing homeless people suffering or a animal suffering.
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Ceeing people die ceeing animals die stuff like dat and homeless people. :(

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