I saw my cousin yesterday for the first time in like 4 years. He totally has a huge crush on me (I like him too and I told him that) but he isn't admitting to liking me. How do I get him to just say it? I'm not a blood relative?


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Don't you think that would be wierd dating a family member. He may not be blood related, but he's still your cousin. It seems like you two would have to hide your relationship because of what your family would think, and that would be no fun. It would be wierd introducing your cousin to your friends as your boyfriend. Anyway's to answer your question, you sould only make him admit it if you were rlly considering dating him. Otherwise it seems like things would get akward. If you just want him to admit it try asking him some questions like did you miss me? Then if he really likes you, he'll probably go all out on how much he missed you. Then if that's going good you can add to it like do you like what you see...etc. If you want to be bold with it you can just be like I like you, and I can tell you like me too. Good luck ^_^
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If I did the bold one, how should I say it? How would he react?
Someone Somewhere
You should ask him to speak with you in private, then mention how you think he likes you (which you seem pretty confident about) and if he does like you he'll either get embarrassed or open up to you. :)
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Okay he may not be blood related but he is still family and it would just be awkward  dating him because what would your family say. I say move on to someone your not related to .... Hey there are plenty of fish in the sea :)... But if you like him that much and you think he feels the same then you have to let him tell you himself. And maybe he might seem like he likes you but he might not because a lot of guys like to flirt even without liking them
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This is incestual. Stop right there.

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Cousin is family though so why are you trying to defend something that is going to be so awkward for her for the rest of her life?
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You might want to change that word to "incestuous" Brandon. But, no, it can't be incest if they're not blood related but, even if they were, kissing cousins are not uncommon.

Would you say that FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt were incestuous? They were cousins who married.
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I don't know I'm sorry I just tried to help

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