How Do I Make My Dad Buy Me Anything I Want?


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I do not know any ways to MAKE anybody do anything. I am as good a manipulator as anyone. Your Father may not have the means to get you "everything you want". The question is so selfish and immature, that I even wonder how you managed to write it, sounds like something a 6 yr. Old would ask. You are asking the impossible. Once you have everything you think you want, then what? MORE?Rather you should ask for God to give you wisdom.
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Annie McManus
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ok i'm 12 and this was just a question to see what the response would be. i'm not spoiled. i'm not selfish. i just wanted to see how ppl would react. so blah!
Penny Kay
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sorry, did not mean to be so hard, I quess just hit a nerve, don't take it personally, just angry about some personal stuff and let it affect something entirely different, no disrespect intended.
Annie McManus
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it wasn't disrespect. it was random sayings. and by the way i love ur person picture thing!
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The best thing to do is be thankful of what you do have because there is always going to be someone who has more than you and has less then you in life no matter how much money you do are don't have. I am a daddy's girl and i always spend time with him not to get him to buy me things but because i love him enjoy your time with him because one day you will not have him .just be sweet and ask him to buy you what you want and if you need it i am sure he will but like i said before just be thankful for what you do have.
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Don't worry about your Daddy buying you anything because I'm going to tell him what you're like. He'll see the real person you are. He knows you are crazy for boys, but I'll tell him more. You'll see.
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Get good grades all the time.Then he'll appreciate your good work.Then you will be rewarded.Trust me it works!I did it before.

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