My dad wanted me to be a doctor, and I don't want to disappoint him. What do I do?


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Parents often aspire for their children .. Not necessarily out of a sense of controlling the direction THEY feel is a good choice, but out of a sense wanting their child to have good opportunities available to them.

If this is not your particular field of interest .. Then talk about what you DO want.  As young as you are, you may not even 'know' what you want to do yet, but still choices have to be made in terms of which optional subjects to take in high school. Keep the lines of communication open in fairness to your Dad.  Let him in on what  YOUR plans are in terms of your own personal convictions.

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Hey, you are an adult.  Study what you want.  Practicing medicine is something that requires love of the craft more than any other job.  Are your parents forcing you to do this for status reasons? This is your life, not theirs.

Good luck.

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My parents wanted me to be become a doctor but I am an engineering student now (not a medical )!

You must choose your way and you should have respect for them too ! If you tell them that it's not my favorite job and like something else . !they just accept it .Don't worry !

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Suggest that he readjust HIS expectations about YOUR life.

(disappointment:  The feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the non fulfillment of one's hopes or expectations.)

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That's like a death sentence in the modern day.

Unless you meet some of these points, if not all.

  1. You're the perfect student with the best grades and work ethic.
  2. Have a strong passion for being a doctor ever since you were 3.
  3. Your parents are rich. Probably the only instant where this is relevant when it comes to college
For number 1, you'll probably have some nice scholarships and grants. Otherwise, to be a doctor means you'll be in school until you're in your 30s, be living with a half a million in debt, which you wont pay off until your 50s. I mean it took me 3 years to pay off 100k. But let's face it, you've been trying to become a doctor for more than a decade, you're a doctor now, you're not going to live frugally or live with roommates, That 500k of college debt is going to rack up some crazy interest while you're wearing that polo shirt with the alligator like the other doctors.

But even before you get to that, you have to get through medical school. That's no easy task, you can take a full course and by the end of the semester you could be the only person there. Are you up for it? But since you're asking this question, the answer is going to be a big.. Fat. NO

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I am sure your father also wants you to have a happy life. If being a doctor will not make you happy, I suggest you find a career path that does.

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Amy Taylor , disappoint, answered

If you are unwilling to be a doctor as your father expects, please let him know what your thoughts. And you have the right to choose your own life. 

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