Can you date a person who is twice your age?


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amanda blair Profile
amanda blair answered
Hell yes you can! They have twice the experience as you...lay back and say teach me ole wise one !
Yamuna Purushothaman Profile
I guess, you'll somebody matches with your age.. The world is wide.
mikel vikers Profile
mikel vikers answered long as your over 16yo.
Hanna Whilson Profile
Hanna Whilson answered

Of course, you can. It's your own business. But make sure you both have the same aims and desires. How are you going to live together? Do you have much in common? Will your partner have children when you are ready? If yes, that's ok. I used to be against such relationships, but my good friend met a man who is older on a dating site (you can check the silversingles com review if interested). They've been together for more than three years and they are happy. That case made me change my mind.

daniel chrispus Profile
daniel chrispus answered
Yes u can depending on your interest as a person because age is just a number
look into your self if u feel comfortable with it then go a head
Maddie Hart Profile
Maddie Hart answered
If you think about it, age is only a certain amount of time you have been alive.

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