Do you think it's right for a 14 year old girl and a 22 year old man to be in love?


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It's always right to be in love hun and I know where you are coming from I'm 18 and my bf is 26 and it's a hard thing for some people to understand the age difference but you should stick with the man you love don't let something small like an age difference get in your way because you will risk losing a chance at love.:)
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Today this is socially unacceptable and the 22 yr old man can get in big trouble, go to prison and have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Now with the legalities covered let us proceed.
Up until about a 100 years ago there was no problem with a 14 yr old girl marrying a 22 yr old man. If your parents approve of you dating and being with this man and they know his age etc. There should be less problems but he can still be charged and sent to prison.
At 14 you and he most likely will only date for a while and then move on. If you and he are having sex be sure he wears a condom every time! Protect yourself from STD s and pregnancy.
The important thing here is to enjoy each other while you can and be absolutely positively sure your parents know and approve of you dating a 22 yr old man.
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Charlotte Nunn
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It's not sexual, we're not even together and won't be as I see it now
Dickie Allen
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Thank you for your reply to my posting to you. If I have helped that is what I want to have happen from my postings. May things go well for you and you find great guys to date.
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Hmm... Don't know if you're ever going to see this as it's been 3 months since you last posted on this question, but here goes:
Love is most times a wonderful thing, and there is no way I can properly express how much I think everyone should experience love as much and as often as they can.
The sad thing is that so many people don't understand that you can have intense, profound, and powerful love for someone, and NOT have it become a sexual thing. Sex is not love, love is not sex. Sex is wonderful when there is love mixed in, and love can be even more wonderful with sex mixed in, but the two are NOT the same thing. A profound, clench-in-your-chest, bursts-of-joy-when-you-see-them, warm-glow-when-you-even-think-of-them kind of love is a wonderful thing and can be one of the most happy states you can be in, and it never even has to approach anything remotely like a sexual relationship. Just to be with the person of such a profound love is more than enough, to hear their laugh, to see their face, to just BE in their presence is such a joy, that you have no desire for any more than that. Just to hear their voice on the phone, to read an e-mail from them...pure bliss. I feel that this kind of love is far too much missing from people's lives these days, and it's mostly because of so many people assuming that passionate love for someone MUST lead to physical passion...when it doesn't.
So in case I have not made my position clear, let me say it this way: YES I think it's not only right, but extremely wonderful for a 14 year old girl to have this kind of love with a 22 year old man, and even more wonderful to have such a sweet, joyous kind of love returned is something that every girl should experience, but sadly all too few get to... To be in love is a joy, and to be loved, twice as much joy. So no matter what the perverts that want to assume there just HAS to be more to your love than the joy of another person that cares about you say, enjoy this love to the fullest, and try to forgive them for being as warped as they are: They only know the world as they have experienced it- think of how terrible a world they had to have been in for their lives to have such hate for someone else feeling a joyous love, and have pity for them.
I hope this helps, and you have a wonderful day!
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Charlotte Nunn
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I actually love this answer :) thank you, I don't even speak to him anymore he got rid of me as soon as it was convenient for him though I messed up pretty much my whole life is messed up because of him :/
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It definitely is right to be in love with almost eveeryone its a feeling after all but are you sure he is in love with you and doesnt only want you cause you seem easy prey ? Do what you must but be carefull and keep your wits about you and I think you ll be fine
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Charlotte Nunn
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Yeah :/ well I don't think it's going to work for a while, what with everyone calling him a paedo and all, if I have to wait then I will I just hope he does the same tbh, and I don't think I'd be much good for any other purpose, I'm nothing to look at either way so he wouldn't be more that side of things? But I know what you are saying
Charlotte Nunn
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I can't be sure of much tbh :/ we used to talk all the time, I'll email you :) and thanks
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Happy to help
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I used to go for guys who were 4+ years older than myself.  Be a young 14 year old first. Don't be in such a hurry to grow up and have a grown up relationship. This chap has a lot more life experiences than you,  What do you really have in common? If he really loves you is he going to wait until you get out of high school and college? You deserve a future whether things work out with this chap or not.  Compliments are lovely to receive, but this does not constitute a lasting relationship (a 50 year marriage). Think long and hard before leaping into something you may not be ready to handle. With sex/commited relationship comes consequences and responsibility.
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Do you really see this becoming a family?
Imagine when the parents of both of you get together and ready for your wedding.
Just seems to much of a tense thing.
But, whatever.
I don't care what you do anyways.
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I was just pointing out the flaws in your logic.
To other people who I actually have hope for leading this country to a better tomorrow: Don't do this.
Charlotte Nunn
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In you 'better tomorrow', love can't thrive when it is surely the key to survival of our race?
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We don't need love, just mates :P
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Oh here we go again----14 years old means she is a child and as such should be treated as one.The only loving this child should practice is on her family.Quit this nonsense and concentrate on more important things like education.
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Charlotte Nunn
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I'm getting A's and A*'s, I'm not stupid, my family aren't really the loveable type, I consider my self mature, but none of this is worth thinking about now.:/
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Uh... No because ikno this 14 year old who is prego with a 24 year old man, but love is at any age I guess. Jus go 4 sumone around your age. ( personal opinion)

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