How Can You Tell If A Girl Is Cheating On You?


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When you first start thinking a girl is cheating on you then there is obviously something wrong with your relationship and you will notice little things, like she does not answer your calls all the time. She will say she was in the bath/shower, or left it in other room, or the phone will be turned off and she will say the battery was flat.

Has she got a load of new friends that you have never heard of before or just one friend who she has not mentioned to you? When you query her she will say that she has told you about her, so then it starts putting doubts in your head and then you start to imagine it is you with the problem.

She starts to argue with you for no reason, and then storms out, accusing you of always starting arguments. Has she taken a bit more care of herself when going out, for example: Spending more time doing her hair, wearing best clothes when she is out with the girls, showing a bit more cleavage or a bit more leg?

Never let a girl who you are in a relationship with go to a nightclub without you, there is a reason she does not want you there. Lads are bad when they are out, but believe me girls are twenty times worse.

It is very easy for girls to get noticed and even if they are not the prettiest there is always some lad in any town who will want to brag about going with that girl in the club last night. Check her mobile call history for numbers that have no names. Maybe even ring the number, and you never know it might be answered by someone saying hello sweetheart/gorgeous etc.

Only someone who is very close to your girlfriend would do this and it would certainly have their name next to the number. If she insists on going out with her girlfriends tell her you will meet her somewhere later on. See if she then has a change of plan, or texts(likely) or phones(unlikely) to say they have all gone somewhere else as it was quiet.

When you see her next time she will say she had no signal to let you know they had a late change of plans. Do not tell your mates you think she is cheating as it could be them who she is cheating with. It is very easy to catch a cheat, but you will know if she is cheating because your instincts and your heart will tell you.
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Easy, you will tell. Her eyes will be burning a different stare. If she doesn't act differently at all, but you still have the inkling (or if she has a history), then she is probably a much more experienced cheater.

Cocky, dramatic and beautiful girls are much more likely to cheat, most likely with your friends if they are reasonably close. If you think she is cheating, she probably is and if she isn't and you think she is, then you probably shouldn't be with her anyway.

Tell her you want to spend some time away from her for a week or two (detach yourself from her because you're probably being paranoid needy and pushing her away), then don't talk for a couple of days. 

Remember women cheat mostly for emotional reasons and they will rationalise it and say that was out of their control, thus shedding responsibility. If she seems cold she is probably blaming you for her guilt (as she is controlled by her emotions).

Everyone is capable of cheating (Its hard-wired into us), the best thing you can do is to keep one step back from a girl at all times and only reward good behaviour with attention. If you feel she is cheating, then don't do all those good things you have been doing for her. Her rationale if she were cheating on you would be: "If you make me feel as though I am cheating, then it's almost as bad as if I was".

Remember there are some amazing girls out there who are much more mature and stable, however you will find a lot of gorgeous girls have a lot of personal problems because they have never had to grow up or be responsible for their actions.

If you have one of these girls, don't try to see the inner beauty - have fun physically, instead. They will cause you enormous heartache. Find yourself a different girl, in fact find yourself a number of girlfriends (don't just stick to one girlfriend because it guarantees you sex that is disrespectful to her and to yourself).

Anyway don't worry to much about it, If she is cheating, don't give her the joy of the chase, ignore her burn all that lovey stuff you had together (they were only props in her fantasy anyway, while she had the romance with you, she took the penis from others like a true champ). Find somebody new and don't make the same mistake. Peace out.
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There's always ways to find out. Try to get close to her best friend, one of her best friends might rat on her friend because they see what a great guy you are.

Also if she always calls you or texts you every morning saying something sweet, and all of a sudden she stops texting you, then something is up.

Facebook is always a good way to catch a cheater, try making a fake page and make friends with her. Start talking to her, little by little, start liking her statuses, and make her talk to you. That's how I found one of my ex girlfriends - she flirted with me on my fake page, and I never told her. I kept it this way for a while.

She gave me her number saying she was single and that she likes to drink and party that we should meet up one day, but I always said I couldn't. I used a text free number to text her I would text her from my iPod when I was in the restroom, saying "hi how are you sweetheart?" or "are you busy, can we talk?". When I walked back in the room, I would ask her who just texted her, and she would say it was her best friend.

There was one time when she told me she was having problems with a man and needed me to go pick her up that got me mad, but didn't show it. She got in the shower, and I got one of my friends to call her back and ask her if she wanted to meet up. She agreed.

When she got out of the shower I asked her if she was going to meet a friend and she said "yeah, I'll be back soon" so I told her I'd come with her, and then she started saying "no, she needs me, she don't want you to see her like this, blah blah blah..."

Well guess what? I was the guy she was meeting up with! My friend picked me up and we went to meet her. I texted her, and told her I was in the black car. When she started walking to the car I rolled the window down, and the look on her face was priceless!

Sorry for posting my story, but if in your heart you feel that she's cheating, then you should follow those feelings.
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In order to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you, you should just wait and watch the entire situation unfold. You see, if you over-react to the whole thing, she might prove that she is not cheating on you. If your love is true, and your feelings towards her are loyal, than she will for sure feel guilty, and she will come up to you and admit her mistake. So just wait for the right time.

If you want her to admit her mistake, and tell you the truth, then you should show her how much you love her. Show her what she means to you, and what her existence means to you. Tell her that her love has shown you the new part of life.

After knowing all this she will feel bad and guilty for cheating on you, and being disloyal. But then again what you're considering might only your imagination or assumptions. You see at times, we do feel scared of losing someone we love so much, and that's why such concerns enter our minds once in a while. So just have faith in yourself and your love.
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She will often avoid your eyes, and whenever you try to make plans, she will awkwardly struggle for an excuse. If she is known to be a good liar, well, just pull her to the side and ask her if anything is wrong. Just be honest.
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Okay, its easy I have an example: When you're done making love to your girlfriend, and you're still in  bed, hugging and kissing, say "I know", or "I know what happened", or "I know what you did" - something like that.

For me, it was only "I know" - and remember, do not mention anything about cheating. Once you've said that, if she answers with: "I didnt cheat on you", it's 100% certain that she did, because you didnt even mention anything about cheating. Once she says that, you say: "I didnt even say anything like that". If she gets mad in any way, then she cheated - simple is that.
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It is always difficult to peep into somebody's heart and know their actual feelings and desires as well as his or her attitude. Though this task is very difficult, some people are wise enough to judge and note the feelings and desires of others. Once you develop relationships, especially with girls, you should be sensible enough to note her actual feelings and demands.

Usually girls are experts at hiding their actual feelings and desires. If you want to discover whether your girlfriend is cheating on you or not, you will have to use some measures and methods. Test her on different occasions without her notice and if she does not prove worthy, that means she is not sincere to you.

Give her chances to deal with other boys freely, and notice her movements. If she is not bothered about other boys, that means she is sincere to you. If, on the other hand, she takes more interest in other boys, that means she is cheating on you.
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One of the first things is that you will feel it in your heart. It is a nagging sensation that finally makes you start to notice things. Maybe, as a couple you were initially very relaxed together, and suddenly you don't feel so laid back around her. Perhaps she starts pulling away a little at a time, or she isn't acting as sweet as before?

Believe me, you will know if she is cheating on you: Remember the eyes are the mirror to your soul, even the best liar can't stop the eyes from showing the truth.
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Actually the eye's can be extremely deceptive based on common misconceptions. Many people will tell you that if they break eye contact when telling you something that they're lying, when in reality a lack of blinking or not looking away could mean dishonesty. The only way to tell a lie from truth is to notice any differences from the norm.
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Women that lie will cheat, I can't stand that. If my girl ever cheats on me, I'll just toss her out and check in with the next girl on my list. If they cheat, oh well - they'll never see me again, either.
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She becomes distant and quickly gets attitude. She doesn't let you see her phone and will find any excuse to get mad. I'm just saying from experience. I'm sorry MJ.
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Well I have done it before, it's quite simple actually. She will carry her phone about with her day and night, she wont leave it lying around where you can get it.

If you are sitting watching TV, she will  keep asking whether you are all right? Then she get all nervous, and lost for words, but trust me, in the end she will always feel guilty.
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You can tell if she hasn't been spending much time with you and doesn't want to answer your calls.
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Well I believe my girl is doing just that. She will erase texts and calls from her phone. She said she did it because she was bored. A lot of times she does not answer my calls, and comes up with dumb excuses. 

We have been together three years and only three times have I 'hit the back'.  Now out of nowhere she likes it there.  I think she has been with someone else, and just feels bad because she let someone else hit that, and that whenever I asked her, she would just call me names.  Now that's all she wants.

She would cook lunch for me everyday.  We work at same company as drivers, we would meet there for lunch. Now she is always running late. Too bad its her conscience. She will carry that for life.
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She sounds like a complete head-case dude! If your relationship faces a problem, but at the first chance she runs into another guys' arms, then it can't be very good.

Sit her down and tell her your fears, and ask her if she really thinks your relationship is worth carrying on. I know how much it hurts, but if she isn't 100% into you, she doesn't deserve the relationship and it's better for you in the long run to break up with her.
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If she seems like she is hanging out with other guys, then she might be cheating on you. Ask her if she wants to go out. If she stumbles or says no, or even just sounds unsure, take that as a sign. Ask her if she still wants to be with you.
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Well, there are a few things. For one, don't forget the song lyrics "Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear". That's a good thing to remember. There will be little things a cheater will do, like lying. You don't want a liar. You definitely don't want a cheater.

If you feel there is reason to wonder, then you need to talk to your lady and find out if you are right or not. If you can't get anywhere that way, you can ask other people who know her. I do not suggest you set her up to test her, although sometimes that is the only way.

In today's world it is very important to be safe, and random flings with cheating people can have you at the clinic getting a prescription for something, or worse. Not to mention the morals you would want to be present in the mother of any children you have. Be picky - do not settle.
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Oh that's a tough one, with me being a girl it's hard for me to answer this question, but if you have doubts just confront her and say something like: "I want to be the only guy for you, I can't share you, I want to know, is there someone else?".

If there is, then tough luck kid, sorry. If that doesn't work, talk to her friends and tell them how you feel. (If you do break up with her because she's shady tell her as much, but don't be to mean about it, no one likes to be talked at!).

- Erica
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Become real cool friends with her friends. Don't go to far with it. Some of her friends who know if she's not doing right will feel bad for you if she is. You might find the truth. Sometimes even more comes from it. I did it once. What goes around comes around.
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So, recently my girlfriend started talking to a guy on Facebook. One night whilst watching a movie with her she goes onto my laptop to check her Facebook and sits there for ages using the 'chat' feature on it.

I noticed that she's talking to the guy in question so I asked her who she's talking to - the answer was that it was a mutual friend of ours. So I left it. I checked again, and as soon as I turned my head she closes the page. So I pretended to stretch and watch TV and then noticed she reopened the chat with the guy.

I confronted her about it and asked why she lied. She got nervous and said she wasn't lying to me (she wasn't technically lying, but she did withhold the information when I asked). Eventually she told me he was being inappropriate to her, that she didn't want me getting jealous or annoyed about it, and that she was telling him to get lost.

A couple of nights later, my iPod starts bleeping, so I check it and find she had been using the Facebook app on it, and was still logged in. From what I read I saw that she had traded numbers with a guy and was texting and ringing him and talking on MSN.

Now from past experience I go by gut feeling, I'm not a jealous guy because my girlfriend has many male friends that I'm fine with. But for my girlfriend to suddenly start talking to someone and get his number a couple of days later when shes never even met the guy before is a little odd to me.

I confronted her about it and told her how I'd found out. She told me nothing was going on, she also said 'me and him get on well'. She added that she felt lonely (most of her close friends have moved away recently and she doesnt get to talk to them much). So I understood that, but she had still kept talking to the guy even after telling me he was being inappropriate to her.

Recently I've noticed her being online quite late at night, when in the past she hasnt been (she's logged in on MSN, and has also been on after telling me over the phone that she was going to bed a couple of hours previously).

So far all this, plus my gut feeling is telling me she's hiding something. I also checked her phone a few minutes ago and she has deleted all her messages, inbox and sent messages.

She hasn't changed her attitude towards me much. But I know her and she's a smart girl, she could hide behind a false mask if she felt the need to.

Any help on this would be appreciated, am I being paranoid? Should I wait and see if anything else turns up?
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To be honest with everyone on here, I trust my girlfriend completely. When we first started dating it was perfect. Cute lovely phrases, lots of touching and she called and wrote to me constantly.

Here we are two years down the road and she rarely answers my calls, saying she left her phone in the other room, or her battery died. She's not straight-forward with me any more.  I came home to find her in bed with my brother last week.

Of course I was expecting it, her tell tale signs are: Stuttering when asked a question about other guys; lack of closeness; distant; and she stopped being straight-forward with me.

Basic knowledge about your girl will help you spot any problems. Pay attention to her emotional attachment, her intimacy towards you, and her personality at the beginning of your relationship. Personality changes when someone has something to hide.

I'm an eye person, I look into eyes and examine them. If your girl often looked into your eyes  when you first started dating, and now looks away, you know something is wrong. Doesn't necessarily mean she's cheating.

How they react is the best way. The things you did in the beginning that drove her crazy, end up not working on her any more, it usually means something else was done to her that she liked better. Best of luck to all of you, hope it helps - hope you don't end up like me.

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If she stops calling you for a long period of time, and how she is in school (if she acts weird, or not the same as before), I am sorry but she might be cheating.

If you are in different schools, you can always pop out of no-where or decide to meet her after school and see for yourself. Sorry if my answer is no help to you.
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Some of the signs to help you tell is if she has been acting detached lately, doesn't say that cute stuff to you any more, and if she has been trying to avoid you.
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Well this might sound quite sneaky, but check her cell phone - they usually have conversations with the guy if they are cheating.
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I would not rely on the so-called 'tell-tale' signs, because the only way to really know is to catch them in the act. However, even just a suspicion of cheating means that there isn't full trust in the relationship (or that there are other unresolved issues), and this is probably a bigger problem (since it is the cause of these issues), than if she was really cheating on you.
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You can tell if a girl is cheating on you because she will become very distant. She will ignore your phone calls and say she is spending time with her pals, who you have never heard off. One thing I have learnt is to just get over the fact she is cheating, but if you love her, give it another go,

Make sure the other bloke knows his place! But, if you can't get over it then split up with her or else you will go crazy. But most of you blokes will just think there is something going on as she is a lot better looking than you are or she has had a lot of other blokes in the past.

But never doubt your partner without reason as you will drive her away. I have a saying which goes: " Don't accuse unless you have proof".

I hope this helps.
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If she is acting weird, and it seems like she's talking to, or seeing someone else.
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If you know the person, you can easily understand if she is cheating. The thing is how to prove it and make her confess.

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She tends to do dumb things like saying she's going to bed, but when you drive by her house the car's gone - who does that?
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You kind of need to be a little more descriptive with this question. Piece the clues together - do you think she is cheating on you?
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Sigh... I'm a girl and I'm online right now looking for solutions to something last night that I shouldn't have done. The whole cheating thing where she doesn't answer your calls and blah blah doesn't always apply.

For me, I did something terrible last night that went against my own rules while I was drunk and here I am going crazy over it. I want to see my boyfriend and I am scared to tell him. I don't know if I should.

We're in a long-distance three-year relationship, and he's the best thing that's ever happened to me. Why did I cheat on him last night? Because there was a physical attraction between me and a guy here at college that has been producing sexual tension ever since I met him.

It was great when it happened but I would not ever give up what I have with my boyfriend for it. It was stupid of me and I hate myself right now. I let myself down, and my boyfriend and I desperately want to see him again.

What our interaction will be at that point, I'm not sure. We trust each other 100%. I know he would never cheat on me and he knows I would never cheat on him. I knew I never would cheat on him. And here I am hating myself.

The point is, if someone cheats, guy or girl, it depends on your relationship with them. If you are suspicious and want to know how you can tell if she's cheating, then already there is something wrong. But if she's acting funny and you know she would never do this to you - it's a possibility that it's eating her alive inside. So, look at your relationship with her and see whether it's worth it or not.
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Anonymous commented in a long distance relationship as well...same as you were so inlove with each other and trust each other a hundred percent...

I can understand your not saying that i also did something point is...i can realate with the trust thingy...coz i really trust her a lot...

And if she would do something like you did...i will get mad...but i will not end our you didnt mean to do that...its still forgivable...just dont do it again...
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Girls do not cheat on guys but do what they have to do in their best interest which is to find the best mate they can at any given moment. All guys should understand this female need and quit criticizing them for being female, whilst claiming to like females.

The process they engage in to compete with each other forces us to become better females. Animals running at each other and smashing their heads together not because they want to but because the females force them to. Female dominates in procreation, don't try to deny it's right to do so.

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