How Can You Tell If You A Guy Is Bisexual?


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Personally, I think almost if not all men are bisexual. Also, any time a guy can't get it with a woman, and there's a good looking guy around, and they find each other "attractive" to each other in a non-homosexual way, they can still enjoy sex together if it happens. However, think of it this way; a gay man having sex with a woman. He can still enjoy it, it's natural. However, in both cases, it won't feel as satisfying for either the bi-men having sex together or the gay man having sex with a woman. But, some men who call themselves "straight" and interact with other men in sexual ways, are usually bisexual. I had a friend who loved women, however, when I slept over his house, he liked to cuddle next to me and try to touch me. I am a bisexual man myself. I enjoy having sex/cuddling with other men, but, I really enjoy having sex/cuddling with women.
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If you are a girl invite him somewhere as friends and where really bare clothing and look at his eyes to see where they are pointing (that's how you know he likes men ) 
,but since I'm not gay this next one is a pure guess why don't you show him some we or other things with men in tight clothes or half naked and see if there is a part of his pants which is bulging
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I think that most every teenager goes through a period of identity crises. Environmental factors play a large role in s influencing a persons identity as to who, or what they are and where they are going with their life. Each person must decide for themselves what their sexual preferences are and what they feel comfortable with.
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My best friend is bi, we enjoy going to the MALL to check out guys together..take him somewhere public and slightly comment about other men.Ask him nonchalant questions that any straight guy wouldn't tell the truth about.
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Well I think when you can see yourself kissing a guy and stuff and you actually enjoy doing that...And you see yourself with a girl also and enjoy that too...Best of luck:)
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You cannot just "tell" that someone is a certain sexual orientation.  Assuming usually only gets you into trouble.  If you have known someone for a long time really well you may be able to guess from the way they speak or act.

Just accept people as they are--no matter what label, if any, they choose to associate themselves with.  A label does not define them as a person--after all, they were probably always that way, even before they chose a label to best describe how they feel.

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if you have to see if you are bi then you are not you can easily be influence by your friends
it is thing wrong with being your self don't follow the gang you were born straight
don't think if you are different from your peers that something is wrong it's not when they go to hell you do not have to follow them be Strong and do what is right God will help you

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