I Really Like This Guy I Know,what Should I Do?


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If you really like this boy then you should think very rationally and then start working on it. Firstly starts interacting with his friends in very calm and subtle manner try to make him feel that if he is shy then you are not going to interact with him. He is the guy he has to make the first move sometimes try to agree with him and make him realize that you like listening to his view on serious topics and non-serious topics as well. It is very important for guy to know how interested his girl is when he talks. Please do not thing that you normally would not do just because you want to please him.

This will cause problems in the later stages always try to find situations where you both are alone and are not disturbed by his pother friends. Start by asking those things that he likes, his interest, and what is his favorite sport. These things will take away his shyness away from him and he will start opening up with you. What girls nowadays do not realize that first you have to make a guy comfortable with you and then start relating to him. So do all these things and then try to keep your self a little mystery and little bit open ok. You will know within a few weeks
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I think he might fancy you but when he sas hello he could just be being nice. Where else when he is quite around you this could mean a lot of reasons. Maybe he is embarrassed or shy around you. If you like him tell him. Otherwise he is never going to say because he seems a bit shy around you. Do you want it to stay this way?
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Hmmm lets start with talking to him. Don't be stupid and as what his favorite color is. That makes you look desparate. Instead, see what he is into, what he plans to have for a job in the future, if he plays sports or guitars, but don't nod and say you like those things too. That can get you into sticky situations.  Instead ask him "what do you do in that job" "what position do you play in that sport" "what kind of guitar do you have" but don't say that you are something you are not. That is most important because if you get into a relationship with him you can be yourself instead of fitting a mold you created for yourself.

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