How to get someone to like you?


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Mandy Clark answered
You can't get someone to like you. But if you want someone to like you, just be yourself. Never pretend to be something you're not because people see right through that once they get to know you better. Always be interested in what they're saying. Laugh at their jokes and show you care about them. If they don't like you, they don't like you. It sucks unfortunately, but that's life. There's going to be people that love you, people that just want to be friends, people that have no interest in you, and people who just don't like you. If this person doesn't like you, it  sucks at first. Just be the best you can (while still being yourself) and people will cone your way:)
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Arthur Wright answered
You don't, no one can, The best you can do is plant a seed of interest in the person and then pray a lot that the seed takes hold and then with some TLC, that seed grows into something wonderful and long lasting but there is no guarantee that the seed will take just as none of us can ever make another person feel the exact same way about us as we do them. You can't hurry or even make love happen as Love happens on its own and when you least expect it so don't try to hurry love but be patient and let love find you and when the time is right and you least expect your Knight on shining armor will appear and sweep you off your feet and plan on going thru a lot of frons before you find Prince Charming. Good luck

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