How Can I Get Someone To Like Me?


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You don't need to go out of your way to MAKE someone like you, being yourself will get you a long way.
Maybe just a little extra time in the morning, and care for personal hygiene etc. But don't go changing yourself so that someone will like you, if they don't take you for who your are then they are not worth being friends with :( !

I bet there is something inside you ready to shine! Just wait and see! You r beautiful
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Most of you are right. Just be your self! When I was little I liked this boy but my best friend so it was easy to be around him. Then one day we were alone the playground and I decided to him I like him. He fainted. But the next day in a shy voice he said he liked me too! But the point is just be who you really are instead of changing yourself. Don't change yourself at all. This is the way god made you should happy the way you are.
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Just be yourself! Don't act weird around them like I did to someone I liked so be normal and follow your heart!
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Spend a lot of time with that person but not too much and be yourself  maybe they might like
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Yes, nothing beats that but be your self. But, it takes time. You have to wait for the right guy to come along. Good things comes to those that waits...
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All the people who said be yourself are correct . Also you can just be friends with them first and then just get to know him . I liked someone I became good friends with him and now we are going out ! Just be yourself show him who you really are because if he starts to like you for who you are then something is destined to fall apart maybe your friends wont like the way you act since your not being your self tht was just an example ! So being your self and making a friendship first can really help ! Hope I helped(:
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To get someone to like you is to be your self every hour of the day and you will find someone who loves you more than ever before
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Just be yourself. There is always a bunch of people that are going to love you for who you are. You can't really force someone to like you but if you want to go there, then I suggest that you get to know them quite well first and then make your decision of whether you like them or not. When you get to know the person, cause things can change if you know what they're really like cause they could be putting on a big show and making themselves out to be someone they're not.

Hope this helps :)
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Theres a guy I like and I can't tell if he likes me or not I don't like to talk to him because I'm very shy and tomorrow is my birthday I want to make a move...can anyone help and heres another guy that likes me to but there both cute,funny,and nice... Please help me!
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You need to care for the following things to be liked by someone.
-Wear neat dress
-Your nails should be manicured
-Your hair should be properly cut
-Have a smile on your face always
-Walk graciously
-Talk with sophistication etc
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Act cool and make them think you arent interested that makes him want you trust me guys are like that.
Give him a bit then ignore him and avoid him then give him more that should do it works all the time for me.

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