How Can I Get My Girlfriend To Stop Yelling At Me, Its Not Like I Do Anything?


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It matters not if you are male or female. You do not have to endure bad treatment . Tell you GF that it is time for her to stop yelling at you. Tell her that you are not going to endure it any longer. If she wants to remain your GF, it must stop. There is no excuse for you enduring this sort of treatment. Do not let her belittle you any longer. Stand up for yourself, and if you must, walk out and leave her screaming at a empty room. Is this the way you want to live the rest of your life with a screaming banshee? It is in your control to stop it. Leave her presence when she begins to loose control. Or better yet, if she can not get herself under control and treat you with the respect you deserve, find another GF. Good Luck!!
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My girlfriend is like a machine when she yells, you can never get a word in, and no matter what I am always wring, even if I am right
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Jamie_987, This is one of the highest form of disrespect. She does not care enough for you to even listen to your opinion or answer. She believes she can scream you into submission to her will or opinion. I ask you the same question I asked Jay 8989, "Do you want to spend the rest of your life with a screaming banshee?" Find a time & tell her calmly that you are not going to endure it any longer. Then the next time it happens, leave her presence. If necessary, leave permanently.

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