How Do I Learn To Control My Anger And Not Yell At My Girlfriend When We Have A Disagreement? How Can I Learn Not To Call Her Names?


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Love is a very difficult thing to do; at least for some, I know it is for me. Me and my girlfriend used to fight often, but I learned not to...overly expressed my anger. Let her know that you're upset, but don't go as far as calling her names and don't go about it at a violent way either.. Learn to tolerate and appreciate your differences. And most of all, learn to understand your differences. Your way is not always the best. Listen to what she has to say as well. Remember, you CANNOT change the other person's habits and character, but you can change yours.
fighting and calling names don't solve anything! All it does is more damage. Be careful of what you say because just one little word can do a heck lot of damage to a person, girls especially because they are more sensitive than us guys. Learn to forgive and forget. If it's too hard then buy a punching bag and let it all out on that instead. That way, you can be angry but you're not hurting anybody but your It's humorous but if you really think about it, it's better to hurt your hands for a short while than hurting your girlfriend for a long time. Your hands can heal very easily, BUT her heart can be badly damaged beyond compare. THINK BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH TO SAY SOMETHING THE NEXT TIME YOU FIGHT. 
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I agree with "defender". The only reason I'm adding to this post now is because I searched the internet for ways to not yell at my girl right now. It urks me to control it, but I know that if I truly love her, that I will change my hostile ways. It's just, the minute something is exposed, a thousand and one "not-so-nice" thoughts pop up in my head instantly. I want to love her with the fullest output my heart can give. And even though we get really pissed at the girls at times, ask yourself, "Do I want to blow up and chase her away, or do I want to express what I feel and have a change occur NOW. Think about it, and like he said, channel that anger elsewhere if you want it to work.
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Walk out of the room and tell her you need to calm down then after a few minutes begin to talk if you begin to start feeling angry count back from 10 but remember one thing if you truley love her you will learn to deal with your anger have you talk to her and ask her what you can improve  ?
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Yeah you guys are true!!!! Me and my girl fight very often and we use to enjoy that as well because we get more closer after every fight!!!But the last time it was totally bad and I had loads of problems at home and office as well and just because she said something I got so frustrated and I cut the line and then I called my friend and teared over saying all what I had and I did mention a bad word which after we two got together I wanted to be so frank and genuine I told her that I did scold her like this and since that now iam in great trouble now it has been more than a week since she spoke to me!!!!I just wanted to be true but I knew my fault I am waiting till I meet her and fall on my legs and apologize for what I told...I love her more than anything and she means more than this entire world to me and iam sorry for what I did.....I love my baby!!!!So please guys and girls please be careful a loved ones heart is like a petal of a flower do not hurt it at all its too sensitive.. I know how it feels more than any of you all so be careful..... Pray for me guys and girls that my baby should forgive that and over come it together

For my baby Divya

From and with love from Ajay
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Guys I had a huge fight with my girlfriend last night . I had spoke to her really badly which I didn't mean to. I love my girlfriend more  than anything in the world! But yesterday  night  I was really angry with her and I let all the anger out on her. Now I am suffering from my did . I think she is going to break up with me which I will regret for my whole life . So guys please think before what you say to her because she is much more sensitive than you think. Any small thing that you say can tear her heart badly . So guys please think carefully before you say anything to her . Don't do anything stupid like did !  And guys please pray for me that she doesn't break up with me cause I can't live without mu sweet heart :((:((:((:((:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:((:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:((:(:(:(:(:(

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