My Girlfriend Really Wants To Have A Baby, But I'm Just Not Sure That I Am Ready.


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I was in the same place as you only backwards. My old man was the one that wanted the baby now, and I said I didn't want any kids. Don't let the fact that she wants a baby now mess up your relationship. Just let her know how you feel, and see if she would be willing to at least wait a little while. I won't push parenthood on anyone but I will say that I wound up pregnant after all, and although he was very much a surprise, I love every day being a mother. They are worth it, no matter what anyone tells you.
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First of all you shouldn't have a baby when you don't really want one.
Nobody can tell you when you are ready, only you will know when you are ready. Wait until you are ready to to be a father to make a baby. Talk to your girlfriend and tell her how you feel about not having a baby at this time. If she is still adamant about wanting a baby it should be time for her to move on to find somebody else that shares the same feelings about having children.
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I really wanted a baby and my boyfriend didn't want one at the time but I had already wanted one for the past year so we had a big talk and decided to meet each other half way so I didnt have to do all the waiting but he wasn't having one when I wanted one.
You need to think about how much money you need to save first for pushchairs/car seats etc.... And work out when is practical....make sure you have somewhere to live....if you still live with parents talk to them and find out if you need to put in for housing or whether they will let you live at home still. I'm lucky in the way that I can still live at home if me and my other half pay our way.
You need to not be selfish....not care whether you get a full nights sleep...not have as much one to one with your other half....less nights out and social time....if you can give up your life as you know it and look after a child then you're ready.
Good luck with what ever you decide.
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Responsibility is not a small thing ^^
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Girl friend !!!!???? What the heck thats jst bad news your goin2 ruin that childs life marry her then have a kid !!!!! Duhhh!!!!....
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You shouldn't have a child with her as you're clearly not ready, and none of us can tell you when you will be ready, you'll just know. If she's adamant she wants a baby you may have to let her go to find someone else who shares her feelings. Ignore Reggie1234's silly answer, you can't ruin a child's life just by not being married.

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