HELP I'm 15 and me and my bestfriend have been like talking on the DL And I'm still a virgin any advice I really wanna loose it to him I feel like I'm ready but I'm nervous that he won't like my body or that I'm not good?


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You think you're ready because you're 15.  Believe it or not, 10 or 15 years from now what you will know is that at 15 you were not ready. 

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Cookie Roma
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Why thank you.
Yin And Yang
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You are very welcome! :0)
S L jamen
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Don't do it. Once your lose your virginity, you can never get it back. It is permanently lost and you will regret this. I was a virgin until I got married. Several years later, I am still thankful I never had sex and took a chance on getting pregnant. Don't do it.
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Use good reliable birth control.

No matter what we say you're going to have sex with him.

Use good reliable birth control.

As AH said discuss your thoughts with your father.

Use good reliable birth control.

Make sure you have his name correctly,  just in case you need to put it on the birth certificate.

Use good reliable birth control.

Be prepared to raise your child(ren) alone. Hopefully you'll have only one. 👶👶👶👶

Use reliable birth control.

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Soooooooo you are trying to say:
Use good reliable birth control???? LOL!
Good point my friend. It don't matter what we say. Her mind is made up. Star!
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Yep, most of these teen ask for help after they have had sex and feel guilty. Then need a way to tell their parents.
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Makes a lot of since! :0)
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Unless you are prepared to accept the responsibility of pregnancy - since NO form of birth control is 100% effective - you should not have sex.  And NO 15-year-old is ready for that responsibility.

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Why are you talking on the "DL"? If you really was mature enough for a sexual relationship you would not have to talk on the "DL." You have NO clue the emotions that go into a sexual relationship ESPECIUALLY with a first timer AND being a female whether it is "experimental" or for "pleasure" or "just because he is your friend and you can not go wrong with a friend right?" It does not matter. You need to wait till you are more mature mentally.

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Skip  Gentry
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Thanks, Jan. I never heard of that.
Jann Nikka
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I've really only heard it used with Heterosexual African- Americans men having sex with other "straight men." Pretending like its "No Big Deal".
Law and Order SVU had an episode about it.
Yin And Yang
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In the ummmm "party world" it is used as a term to "keep the deal on the DL" or Down low. Jan is right
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The word is no and no. Sure when I was 15 I knew it all. But I was talked to in a very frank manner by someone MUCH older than I whom I trusted very much. He explained a lot to me in a non threatening factual manner. I admit I wasn't totally convinced at first but after thinking things over and looking at others my age who were blindly ruining their lives I learned from their mistakes and walked a very careful path. Sure I have made a ton of mistakes in my life but I was able to use them as a learning tool. Taking a chance on having a child is not a prudent method to learn. I assure you, unless you have waited and are totally prepared emotionally and physically, your first time will be the most negative experience you will ever have. Grow up first.

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Just from reading the information in your question, I would say you are guaranteeing that your first experience is going to be much less than satisfying.

In a year or two, you will understand what I have just said.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Stupid reason and this is only infatuation and I can guarantee that once you give him your Virginity, he will be gone as that's what young boys do here. Youll only be a notch on his belt and wont even know youre alive so wait several more years before giving away what you can give only once. Also Boys will and do lie so he will tell and promise you anything to get what he wants so don't fall for it. Wait a few years and  see if the relationship passes the test of time and youll be glad you did and you don't need this kind of reputation at 15. Enjoy life here and worry about the sexual things later. Good luck

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As yourself at 15 are you ready to stay home every night with a screaming baby while your friends are going out enjoying themselves?.  Are you ready to deal with a sexually transmitted disease that you may carry in your body for the rest of your life?.

Are you ready to have sex for the first time with a boy that I can guarantee is not mature enough to have a responsible relationship with you, how are you going to feel afterwards when he's bragging to his friends and you get the label of being easy?

It seems like a long way off but wait, wait until you are ready for a special relationship with someone who will treat you with respect and who really loves you. You're going to lose your self respect and feel cheap if you just have sex for the sake of having sex. Having sex and making love are not the same thing.  Don't shortchange yourself because it seems to be the thing to do among your friends. 

I promise you, absolutely promise you that you'll be glad you waited.

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Ashley Ashbaby
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Yes I hundred percent agree with you but I've known him since we where little and he's 17 and I know that he's going to be te. And there's no judge ment
Sharron Prestcott
I swore I'd marry the boy I was going out with at your age, he was everything I'd ever wanted in a boyfriend. We broke up and I was very upset but a few years later after having several boyfriends I realized why that "love of my life" relationship would never have worked although I couldn't see it at the time.

Even if you do stay with him and he is THE ONE he's going to have a lot more respect for you always if you don't give in to him. Give yourself some time to grow, you'll either grow together or grow apart but don't let sex confuse the issue.

I don't know if you've thought about this or where you live but you're 15 years old and he could be charged with statutory rape.

Being a teenager is tough going, most adults would not want to repeat those years, the surging hormones are responsible for a lot of regrets and guilt later on.

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