Ok so I'm 15 and I'm a virgin. Is that bad? I'm not ashamed or anything it's just, I feel like I'm missing out on something, is it better to wait till I'm older or get it done with now?


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IMO, plain direct point. Keep your business and your legs close until you're 18. You know you're not missing out on teen pregnancy, STDs, early broken relationships, money problems, lack of education, possible missing school, problems with your parents and peers. 

A smart, intelligent and self-loving girl about to be a woman would wait until she's a legal, high school graduate adult to start engaging in adult activities.

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Feeling like you are missing out on something or to "just get it over with" is NO reason to have sex! You are far too immature to even think of having sex with that mentality! Save yourself till you are more grown up.

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I'm with Niccka Nickka on this one. Keep those damn legs CLOSED!!!

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It is not bad at all. Your virginity is not something to be given up because you think you are missing out on something. It should be given to someone that you love and that loves you back. It is an incredibly intimate thing to share, so it is not something you want to just give away.

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Honestly, the first time often isn't as it's portrayed, and can be far removed from the movie depiction.  Firstly, you are extremely vulnerable both physically and emotionally, and it can be awkward. This is why you should wait until you are at least above the age of consent, mature enough to realise the implications and consequences, and in a steady relationship with someone who respects you. Only then you will really relax and trust your partner. 

Have you ever ridden a horse? Well there's something you are truly missing out on.

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At least wait until you look on it as something considerably more meaningful than something that one should just "get it done with now."

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pleaaaseeee for everyones sake: Do IT when you want to. Do IT because you feel your ready. Don't feel like your missing out on anything. You're really... REALLY not

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