What Things Cause You To Feel Envy Or Jealous?


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Ree Ree answered
Probably wanting to buy something and cant afford it...maybe at times when I think someone is pretty..
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Thank you for your answer,but lets have a lot of confidence in yourself and you won't have time to be jealous. I'm so thankful for my self esteem,if you are a friend you would share your success with others.
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suman kumar answered
Jealousy generally comes on one basic thing, i.e money. Some get jealous on seeing others being rich. The other one is beauty.
For me I am jealous with this site's other blurters because I Questions and debates do not get much responses as compated with their's loll.
W8 w8 I was just kidding.
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toni dixon answered
Erm.. Well anything really
not having something that you want and someone else has it...
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Thanks for your answer and being so truthful,it's not easy,but let's try to express your happiness for them and in time you will own the something if you work hard for what you want and than there are times ask how they came to have what they have and they maybe able to share some tips with you,don't have your priorties mixed up,for instance don't buy a car and you need a home etc.
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Someone that has everything and I can not afford 1/3 of what they have and most of the people who have everything that I have met anyways do not have to work for it their parents give them whatever they want and I think why cant I have parents like that
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Thank you for your answer but love what you have non of us got to choose our parents,so no need to be jealous...

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