Why Do People Envy Me Some Much And They Result In It By Telling Lies About Me?


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People are just miserable for no reason. Some people just do not like seeing anyone else happy or doing good. The bottom line is when others are down they like it when some one is doing good they can not stand to see them doing good. Misery likes company. They can do good and do not like to see someone doing better. When you are down they have nothing nice to say, when you are doing good they still have nothing nice to say. You can not win for losing. No matter how hard you try its never good enough.
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A lot of people are jealous of me because the think that i act like I'm better then they are which its true cuz mi mother raised me that way. So don't sweat it hold your head up high and dust them haters off. Cuz u aint got the time to worry bout them.
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There can be several reasons for jealousy.
-You are good looking
-You are intelligent
-You are sophisticated
-You have such traits that other people don't have
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Well, I don't know why they hate you but they tell tell lies about you because they may think it makes the situation better but it just makes it worst. Just ignore it and if someone goes up to you and says a lie about you to your face calmly say that is a lie and walk away and try to make it seem it doesn't bother you.
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Probably they envy you because you're beautiful, intelligent, own material that they can't afford. Though Some people are naturally envious and hate seeing other people prosper so just put a deaf ear to things they say about you.
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Well I think people hate others because you have something in you that they cannot get, no matter how hard they try. Some gifts are naturally given, so there is nothing they can do about it. They just have to accept it and start loving you.

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