Why Do People Bully Me In School And Why Is It Just Me ?


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I know it's hard getting bulled but there are times when you can zone out to that. Here is some advice that My nan gave to me ignore them that will let them see that what they are doing doesn't bother you and they will leave you. I have done that and it worked in my old school not so much in this school though but I don't care as long as I know I can defend myself when they say something that I can't ignore or I know that I can walk away from them and ignore that will get on there nerves and then leave me alone becuase they can see that what they are doing doesn't bother me. It's getting bulled but take advice from other people and you will see that they will leave you alone. The best thing to do is to ignore them and they will see that they don't bother you, it's easier then it sounds, Trust me. It will work.
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Rebecca  Fitzpatrick
Why are you giving advice when you get bullied and scream in there faces why dont you tell her to do that
Julia  Quirk
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When some one bullys u, u scream so why u givin advice when u just dont ignorne them so here is my advice just ignore them and they will leave u alone and u r not the only one getting bullied me and heather and becky r getting bullyed
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Helen, I know you get bullied but your not the only one it's not just you. But you don't think of anyone else just you. Julia even Heather get bullied and your just thinking if yourself.
It's not fair to all the other people who get bullied. So stop thinking of yourself and consider other people.
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You are not the only one who's getting bullied. I have been bullied too and I am still a victim. My advice is: Ignore the bully and walk away. If the bully continues to provoke you, tell your parents/teacher/guardian/school counsellor. Best solution: Tell the discipline Mistress or the school principal! After all, bullies deserve to have a taste of their own medicine! Take an eye for an eye, but don't go too far.

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Morgiman Studios , I am slightly bullied , answered

When I was in year/grade 5 I was bullied everyday and I would be beat up and I would react and the teachers did not care

Then I went into year/grade 6 I was not bullied seriously but I had more verbal than physical it did not occur often though

We all go though a phase of bullying in our life

Don't bottle it up tell a friend, parent or teacher

Don't suffer alone

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Sometimes they just know who will put up with it, take it from me the only way to stop it and make sure it never happens again is to stand up for yourself, no matter what happens you will be left alone and will feel better about yourself.
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Just ignore them and they will stop let them know that you are trying and them they will stop. That happened to me and i did that and they stopped
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Its not just you.
I have a bully problem too.
It sucks i know. What my bully did was punch me in the face for no damn reason and everyone laughed. But if i learned anything it is to talk back to her and take an eye for an eye. Just dont take revenge to far because it could be bad for you in the long run if the bully has tough friends
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I used to bully others when i was a kid but later in high school at the age of 17 and 18 other started bullying me and from what i have learned is to ignore them, remain calm and think positive which can be done by talking to your close friend. It's better not to stand up against them as i used to because i became the enemy of the whole class, i was not abuse physically as i also rebel but instead they tease me and disturb me in class not letting me study like deleting my work in school computer and spreading fake rumour about me. It caused me a lot of trouble, pressure and stress but due to my stubbornness and idiotic action i faced it head on and  was able to overcome it mentally(you don't have to be stubborn or idiot  i was an exception). I did took my revenge on some of them but now i feel pathetic about my action when i think about it so stop thinking of taking revenge there is no point in it, all it matter is whether you yourself are a good human or not. Right now i am in third year of my college and very popular among boys, girls, teachers and staff. All i did was realized my mistake and improve myself.
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Im 23 years old right now and a United States Marine. But when i was a kid i was bullied since 2 grade and trust me its sucked. Everyday since 6 grade i would come home crying so hard. First in 3 to 5 grade my parents took me out of a cathloic school into a public. @2 years in public schools i was bullied like crazy getting hurt and name calling and it was no trashy town it was a small rich town. So after that i was put in a luthren school in 8 grade and i was kicked out of that school because after school 7 boys came up to me and started to hurt me and i had to defend myself so in 10 min they where going to the hospital. I was a very small kid but hated vilonce and i didnt want to hurt them back bbut i had to for defense. I thougt my life sucks and that good things happen to the bad people and bad things happen to the good people. Now i fond out in my life that bullies have nothing good. When i was at a store i saw one of my 8 grade bullies and for the truth he had no money and was on high drugs now thats a sucki life. If you belive in God its says that THE RAIN FALLS ON THE JUST AND THE UNJUST. That means good people have good lives and bad people dont. Never give up always say ill be at the top. We may be all humans but we act like animals. So good luck im sure you will be big in future.
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I remember when my sister was scared to fight and my older sister said, if you dont fight that boy I'm gonna kick your butt. My sister was scared of my older sister so she kicked the boys butt really bad. We also had mothers who said if you don't fight him I will give you a whoopin. Stand up to them.
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people do bully u in skool an ur not the only one coz i get bullyed but u only think of ya slf so ur not seeing other people getting bullyed

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