I Need A Good Comeback For Short People.....Im Very Short And People Tease Me Alot So?


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I'm a 4'11" mom.  My daughter is 4' 8-1/2" and 15yo.  It is feasible to say that we have reached our height potential. We've both experienced rude people, mean people, insensistive people in school, friends, enemies, strangers and even family members saying things to us.  Short persons share a commaradarie in this sometimes painful aspsect of our lives.  Feelings of "not being normal; humiliated; less than average; anger; revenge; helpless; and even depressed scars us in different ways and to various magnitudes. For those, especially teens, I hope that what I (short MOM) write can give you some strength and possibly new insight to get through each and every time that you are insulted, attacked, humiliated, etc. For being short. Comebacks sometimes help us to protect ourselves.  Try these with gentleness and humbleness, if you can't walk away, ignore remarks, or is malicious in intent:
When someone says, "You're short."  ::  Ans. "That's stating the obvious."  or "AND Your point is..."  "Why did you want to tell me that?"
When someone says, "I was just saying...:  :: Ans. "You didn't have to."
Other cb's:  "No one has a choice on how tall they are, but everyone has a choice on WHAT they are."
*Look into the mirror every morning and know that God is perfect and when he made you, he didn't make an imperfect thing...YOU are perfect.
*People may look at you and laugh, you'll hear snickering as they pass, whispers and side glances.  Know that, as you stand there, at that moment, taking the "Isms," you are stronger just because you are there.
*If you're in school, study hard or excel in something tht makes you happy.  My daughter is straight A student for 4 yrs.  I tell her that those people who tease her will be working for her one day.  She'll be their boss one day.  The opinions of strangers don't matter.  They are not a part of your life.
*This sounds preachy but don't turn it off.  When you feel really attacked, really humiliated, perhaps less than zero...Know that God is standing right next to you with his arm around your shoulders.  You are both looking at that person insulting  you.  God will remember them, you don't have to.  Let go and Let God.  Then......LIVE!  Wake up every morning and look in that mirror.  Smile, know that you are perfect.
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I'm not short I'm fun sized!
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I'm 14. Currently 4"8, I know...
I get teased all the time, mainly by boys..
Here are some I have, or will be using:
"Yes, I am short but in a year I will have grown - but you, you will still have that bent cock hanging from your forehead."
"I'm glad you're tall. It gives me more of you to dislike."
" Wow, and you're rude, arrogant, obnoxious and immature."
" Yeah, I'm small and skinny but so is your heart."
" Well, it's usually the giants that get put in the circus.. So good luck."

If they carry on after a comeback walk up to them look & flick their nose and tell them to get a tissue.
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Being short isn't really bad, I'm not very tall but even that doesn't matter. Takes real boredom to sit around and think about people's height all day.

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Good things come in small packages.

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Hey I'm short , so if the tall guys say summit mean just say , "yes I'm small nd short but so is your heart"
don't let them ruin your day cus they are not worth it. I'm 14 nd go skool , so I hav ppl say things but it doesnt bother me cus I'm glad 2 be short! Also if they say your short jus say "so , and your tall! But you don't see me complaining"!
Or say " , walk like me if you want to , talk about me if you want to , smile like me if you want to , but darling you know , you can't do what I do". 8) no worries ok?
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When  people  tease  you  for  being short , Tell  them  like this .."You know the bigger you are  ,  the  harder  you  will  fall"
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Just say "Wow. That is amazingly RUDE." That usually shuts them up.
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Well my friend is short and she says to b wen they say she short "at least I'm not the a giant" and it works. Or get a friend that is tall like me. Lol
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I am quite tall myself but I would love to be short so maybe you could just tell them they don't need to remind themselves they are clumsy by *bullying* other people. I get teased for being tall... But I'm not thaaaaat tall... =D
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Well I'm a small person myself and I used to always get tall people saying stuff about my height as well.... So I would just turn round and say something back like..."well good things come in small packages you know"... Or if they are being nasty about it call them Frankensteins monster...lol... I don't really get anyone teasing me about my height for long because I used to know this really tall girl that tried teasing me about my height, she leaned over me trying to make me feel intimidated and kept saying " your a real short arse"... So I just jumped up and headbutted her right in the eye...lol....she never tried that again... But don't try that yourself unless you want to get yourself arrested... :)
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Find something else about the lanky fool! If that doesn't work a few well aimed insults towards their parentage. Slagging off their mother works everytime!

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