i really need a good comeback. A drug addict at my school says to me an my autistic friend i help to "get it in" everyday. something short and clever to say back plz?


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Why would you want to even engage in any conversation at all with someone like that?  Just ignore him and walk away.  Getting into a battle with him is just a waste of time.  He obviously wants to get to you ... Don't let him.

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Madison Genovese
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no he's friends with the boy, he's trying to make fun of him whilst getting me involved. its all day long and only a joke so i want to joke back to seem cool and not like a stupid dork lol
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"Oh, you can talk" ?

"Look who's talking now" !

"yea, get some personality plz"

"At least i'm not delusional"

"Better than being a Junky huh" ?

"I'd rather be an autistic than an addict, you can tell which is worse, right" ?

"Well at least i'm not a puppet"

"Better than passing my whole life hangover"

"The differences is that i'm not wasted"

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Tell him  "Get a life"

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How about, "GROW UP!"

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