2 questions? what's an excuse to get a guys number?like things to say? and this guy doesn't really know I like him. long story explained below. so how do I get a guy friend to hint that I like him without asking m guyfriend to plz do it for me.


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My best friends bf kinda shouted in the library one da. He was like oh you like (guys name). And the guy was like wait what! And then he was staring at me for like a week and everytime I looked away or avoided him. NOw he doesn't even look at me and I want to change that. I feel like I messed up my chances with him because now he probably thinks that my best friends bf was probably joking. But the thing is he wasn't joking and I want to get her bf to hint to the guy that I do actually like him. But I cant ask this guy to say it straightforward. Cuz hes like macho man and stuff he would never do that for me and I cant get my friend to ask either cuz I talk about him all the time and its annoying apparently so ideas??????

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In my opinion there is something so attractive about a confident person. A person who knows what they want and they have the guts to act on it in a mindful, polite, respectful manner.

You would like this guy's number? Put on an outfit that makes you feel confident. Nothing ill fitting, tight or shows a lot of skin. Go for the natural beauty look. Leave hair down and curl or add big finger curls, neutral eye make-up, coloured liner,pink lip gloss. Take a deep breath and walk up to him, smile real big and maybe strike up a conversation. Bring up something you find funny that you might have in common. A dorky teacher, a grade in a class, people in common. Tell him you think he's a nice person and you'd like to get to know him better. Ask for his number. The thing is is that you don't need other people to tell him anything. You've got this. If you want this go and get it. If it works out great, you have what you wanted. If not that's okay too. You'll know if he has no interest, he'll tell you. Then you can find another guy to have a crush on. You didn't act on it before, are you going to do something about it this time?

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Say hello and make small talk, then in ūüĒü minutes trade numbers.¬†

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