I really like this guy and he said I'm cute but I want to know who he likes. He knows I like him (my old friend told him). How do I ask without it being awkward for both of us?


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spunky monkey answered

Hey Mary, just walk up to him and be honest and just ask him flat out. There's no awkwardness there.

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Darik Majoren answered

Oh my Gosh . . . This generation is just so open with everything else . . . It's okay to just tell a guy you "Like" them . . . Or you have "Feels" for them . . . What ever the terminology is that you are using these days.

Awkward is awkward . . It is part of life and that scared feeling is the part that should be thrilling . . .

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Sato Sugu answered

Kinda late here... ­čśů But if you want to know who he likes straight up ask him. Normally if he looks of to somewhere (blushes) it's you. But don't still jump to conclusion. Also it ain't awkard if you ask him (if that is your not close then that is awkward).

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