I Like This Guy But He's Shy And He Doesn't Talk Much. What Should I Do To Get Him To Ask Me Out?


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Well he's shy obviously! Maybe you can try and hangout with him a lot more! Like invite him somewhere with both of sets of friends and try to talk to him there! So it won't seem so datish! Then flirt with him and start hinting that you think he's cute or ask him who he likes or ask his friends what he thinks of you but don't make it to obvious so it doesn't become awkard
but I think you need to talk to him more before you tell his friends anything hangout with him more!
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The story of my life! Sort of... im a shy guy and my crush is a shy gal and we are good friends because we liked each other and she smiled at me alot and talked to me. Take it from a guys standpoint: a guy, especially a shy guy, will feel amazing because that beautiful girl over there smiled to boring him. Any acgnowledgement of his existence from you will mean the world to him. Could someone please post this in a real answer, because my mobile device wont let me.
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Some people are just shy, especially around the opposite sex. If you're interested in him, be patient, he'll come around.
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Me too I am scare if I talk with my crush ,but the thing you have to do is don't be like that,cause you have your time and not to waste it ok,I trust you,and can you be my friend
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It is probably a social anxiety, and it will take him quite some time to get over being shy around you, just give him the space that he needs for the time being, and don't be forceful with him about it, or you might chase him off. Just spend time with him, and let him move at his own pace. The more he is around you, and learns that you aren't going to be aggressive in any way, he should start to trust you, and will open up more to you. Hope this helps, good luck.
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He might like you
or he is observing what your like before talking to you

just ask him some questions and be daft round him  don't stress about it
or he may  feel uncomfortable round you
thinking hes boring you.

Why don't you give him your msn or something because sometimes people are better  talking not face to face or texting emails. Might make him more confident with you
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Yeah I have a similar problem, this guy that hung out with some other guys I knew asked for my number last year and we were texting for a bit, then we got off at a party when we were both very drunk and since last september we haven't spoke even though I text him, he's really hot but I've been told he has no confidence when it comes to girls!! I really want to make something of it, and we were both in town last night but I didn't have it in me to make small talk ): Please help!
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Hang out with him.find something in common
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Talk about each otherss shyness like why your shy or why hes shy its the easiest way to talk
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I know I'm a bit late but the best thing to do would be to talk to him. I'm exactly the same way and will get comfortable with people after a while, usually after they tell me something they're ashamed of. It makes you feel like they trust you.
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Yhhh give him sum space or juz tell him 2 calm dwn and derz nuffin 2 b shy abwt den he myt calm dwn ambit and b confident 2 talk 2 you

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