I need some help. I have a crush on this guy that used to like me. But now he doesn't like me any more. What should I do? I mean I didn't like him when he liked me.


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Michael Poland Profile
Michael Poland answered

We always want what we can't have.

Then once we have it we find we don't

want it that much after all.

Nice Girl Profile
Nice Girl answered

Go talk to him tell him that you like him and that you know once he as well liked you but then you didn't like him at that time but now you like him very much and so can you both be friends and all!

spunky monkey Profile
spunky monkey answered

Good answer Nice Girl I was going to say the same thing. Just straight up tell him how you feel now and you would like to try and see where it goes and hope it goes the way you want it to. Good luck.

Kk polly Profile
Kk polly answered

This happens in one of the movies at my library. They ended happily ever after. Wish the same for you. Good luck :)

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hidden shortyyy answered

I have the same problem with this one guy...... Except I liked him back but just wasn't ready to date. Hes moved on....

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Anonymous answered

Try being friends with him. And have one your girlfriends be a messenger for you to find things out about him

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PJ Stein answered

So what about him has changed that makes you like him now? Nothing? Then move on. It is just you wanting to be wanted. It is your own insecurities causing your feelings.

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