Okay, so I like this guy and he asked me (on Fb) to make out with him but I'm so scared of it. He made out with tons of girls and I made out with one guy and I'm so insecure in my "skills". I don't know what to do. I'm gonna see him in class tomorrow. What should I do?


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well firstly , even though you like him a lot and all but if he really just asked you to make out with him .. Don't you think that isn't the great pick up line to a girl , I don't think you want to be another girl he kisses after all those girls , maybe you want to get to know him better , and if you really don't mind kissing a player then sure its all right , seeing as you've only really kissed one guy I think that's pretty cute , kissing may seem nerveracking at first and believe me I know , but when you get in that moment , it just goes , it may be awkward and hard to react to at first but you close your eyes and flow with it , its like your mouth fits perfectly on his , maybe you kiss him and its all awkward and weird because its all sloppery and messy , its not your fault , you can probably tell if the guys  bad kisser or not , but I really think you should think about it first , do you really want to move straight to kissing already ?

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Haha aw thank you :) I know it's not easy to find out or know about guys and stuff in relationships so I'm not mainstream when it comes to advice :) glad you think it's okay :D
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Hey Alexis
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How are you ally?
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Well I don't think you should make out with someone who is a player and asked you to kiss by Facebook. You should tell him that you want to get to know him better,  and that way if he says okay, you'll see that he actually cares about you. But if he says no or whatever, you are probably just another girl he wants to kiss.

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