I'm dating this guy, but there is this other guy I really like and he asked me to make out with him. Should I?


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Steve Robinson Profile
Steve Robinson answered
You are dating one guy... And the other just wants to make out with you?  Stick to the one you are dating.  Number 2 sounds like a jerk.
jamie wise Profile
jamie wise answered
If you have a good or at least a decent rep. Ima have to say you shouldnt do it but hey its your life to ruin so goodluck and make the right choice =D
Mercedes Profile
Mercedes answered
Well if you think about it...
Do you like the guy you are dating? If yes...
Do you like the other guy more? If you do...
You need to think is he a player? Or...
Is he sweet and can hold a relationship? If he can't't hold one down then it's not worth it
hope this helps ! (:
Dasia Walker Profile
Dasia Walker answered
; don't leave the one you love for the one you like ,, you need to let that other guy know that you are in a commited relationship that you don't want to mess up .. Would you want your boyfriend kissing on girls he liked ? Noo ... So just thinkk about it and use your head to figure it out .
Maria Not Telling Profile
If you leave the guy your with and this new relationship doesn't work out your going to be alone so id stick with the guy your with thats the best choice
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Mandy Rodenish
Mandy Rodenish commented
So i shouldnt make out with tha other guy.?
Maria Not Telling
No thats called cheating!!!
Teddy WasHere
Teddy WasHere commented
Of course not, if he knows you're dating another guy, he sounds a bit conceited... Then again, I don't know him, but if I were guy #2, I'd never ask someone out if they were already dating someone else.
Molly Profile
Molly answered
No. That would be cheating and I bet your boyfriend would care very much about that. Doing this just causes more trouble; with your relationship with your boyfriend, and it may ruin the way others think of you.
Elisabeth Smith Profile
Elisabeth Smith answered
If you were in love with the first you wouldn't be falling for the second..
Mayb you shouldnt be in a relationship if thats how you feel about your boyfriend do you just go around and kiss anybody?? You think that will make you feel good about your self?? Maybe your boyfriend deserves better!! But just remember what goes around comes around!!!! I'm just saying.....hope this helps!!
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
No way  as affection is a sign of love between two interested parties and not because some guy asks
xiaola cha Profile
xiaola cha answered
Well its not a problem if you date both of them as long as you'll be honest to both party .. Tell them the truth, I'm sure they understand ... Know them better ... And choose the best ... More power to you
Jasmine Haha Profile
Jasmine Haha answered
I think yu need to leave your guy if you like someone else. It's not fair to him. Only make out with that other guy if you break up wit your current bf. Otherwise yur a cheater.

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