I Am Dating A Guy Who I Like, But I Like Another Guy, And Love Another Guy, What Do I Do?


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Well I was in the same situation a while ago and I had a very hard decision to make, but before I made those hard decisions to make I had to ask myself some hard questions like which one do I have fun with the most? Who do I like the most? Who can I see myself with the most? After you get the answer to those questions you'll know what to do. Don't rush yourself ok, cause then you won't get the right answers!
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Well...I'm a be honest with you! If you're young and you don't know who to choose, then that's normal because you're still young and growing and you have lots of time to choose who you want to be with. But if you're of age to where you want just one guy in your life then you have to find out what guy would be best for you. You stated that you like 2 guys but love another guy....What's more important? Like? or Love? Evidently, this guy that you love you've been loving for a while. Maybe it's him that you want but the other two guys that you like are in the way. Well, there's no simple solution to that problem except you have to go with your instinct and let your heart lead you to the right guy for you!
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I'm in the same situation right now.  I'm so confused on what to do, but the truth is is that love is way stronger than like. It means so much more.  I really liked this boy I had been dating for two months and then one night at a party I was flirting with this other boy that just happened to be one of my besfriends for a long time.  That night changed everything. And its times like these that we have to ask ourselves certain questions. Who do I like more? Who makes me laugh? And who do you trust more? I hope we both succeed and make a good decision, goodluck!
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Find out if they like you and date them on separate nights.
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I think you should go for the guy you're in love with because a relationship without love on both parts is like just a booty call relationship and a relationship with love is an AWESome  thing.  Good luck.
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Well in the end you will find a little quirks with two of those guys and the perfect one will be left standing alone, thats how you would know that he's the right one for you. For now just play it low and remain calm.

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