Why does my boyfriend not care as much about me when he's stoned?


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Because he is not  his usual self when under the influence.
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He he does not have all his faculties and this means he is not his alert and usual self and some people haven't a clue at all.....when stoned! Well shove him to bed, or in a taxi home, and don't get too entangled for it can be not a very good experience. Try to influence him not to get stoned, its the pits.
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Why are you with someone who does drugs? It limits the abilty to get good jobs, makes you stupid and broke cause you're blowing money for your next high and makes your kids born with medical issues. Don't bother replying with" he's not a dope head, he just does it once in a great while" cause thats a crack head response. Find someone who doesn't get high and stop using yourself (if you do).
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Molly Chart
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I'm not a user, and you have made some very good points....I guess if he wants to be with me he's got to quit it.
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Because when he is stoned he is well away with the fairies in Fairyland.
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Molly Chart
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Thanks Toni :)
Ray what does it mean when you say attack? The eyes are red sounds familiar.....
Tony Newcastle
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Ray has not answered you, because he's most likely down on Bondi Beach again with his many cans of Fosters lager which he knocks back, and then tosses the empty cans into the sea........
The words he wrote are a line in the chorus from the song BALLROOM BLITZ, by the group The Sweet.
I have no idea why he introduced those lines into other persons' serious discussion topic; maybe he wanted to make an inappropriate comment at that juncture; or maybe he is just losing his marbles; or maybe both.
Ray Ottewell
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I will not play marbles with you because you will cheat.

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