Why Does My Boyfriend Want To Come Inside Me When I'm Not Taking Birth-Control Pills?


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Tracy Koroma answered
There are two reasons why your boyfriend might want to come inside you, even without any form of birth-control.

Your Boyfriend Is Being Selfish
Many guys will complain about having to use condoms, and will expect you to take birth-control pills instead.

You shouldn't let any man pressure you into doing this, though - hormone-based contraception can really mess with your mood, so be sure you're willing to take the risk - for your own benefit, not just for his!

If your boyfriend knows that there's a chance you could get pregnant, then he shouldn't be so irresponsible as to suggest coming inside you. 

You need to think about what would happen if he got you pregnant. Would you be okay with that?Would he stay with you? Would he support the baby financially?

If you're not ready to be a mom, then don't let him come inside you without protection. If he refuses to use a condom, then just deny him sex until you've sorted out some kind of contraception yourself.

Your Boyfriend Wants A Baby
Your boyfriend might be trying to get you pregnant because he wants to start a family with you. However, if he hasn't discussed this with you first - and if you haven't agreed - then this is selfish behaviour, too.

If you don't want a child, you shouldn't let your boyfriend come inside you without using a condom or some form of hormone-based birth-control.

Good luck!
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He wants to know what it's like.
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Michael Poland answered

Thought process has failed him.

Self centered? There is another.

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Scott Harle answered
Well, the male's natural instinct is to reproduce, basically. It's sexual activity without the thought of consequence. Sorry, it's basic instinct for us guys.
KATIE DALY answered
Look, all boys want to be in charge, and your boyfriend is being gross if he wants that stuff before marriage. Break up with the guy.

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