What Are Some Things That You Wouldn't Want To Tell Someone?


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Jim Witness Protection Profile
The secret that is hidden deep inside me and the one that I have told to only one person in my entire life. And it will remain that way.
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nettie answered
You never discuss what goes on in your bedroom between you and your partner or mate....I find that to be in very bad taste...the best to you
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Ryanna Brown answered
My real name, address, phone number, social security number, bank number, credit card number my daily routine, where i work, where i go to school..... Etc i could go on but im not gonna...
John Profile
John answered
That women sweat and have gas just like the guys.hahahahahaha it's been proven scientifically. Lol. Don't ask me how they measured it.
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Joan answered
BGIRL525 stole one of my answers....  :)  Some things should remain private.  The other I would not like to tell is my weight.  Even my husband is not privy to that.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
I wouldn't want to have to tell someone that someone they love has passed away. That is not cool at all. I wouldn't tell a joke that made someone think something fabulous was going to happen to them either.
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One of the worst experiences in my life was, in fact, having to inform a family of the death of a loved one...I said a long prayer before I contacted the family. Proper words are hard to come by.
Jacquelyn Mathis
Jacquelyn Mathis commented
It isn't a nice thing to have to do, find works, explain what happened, all of that. So sad. I don't see why someone would give me a thumb down, maybe like others do to other people, they just are mean. Lol
Penny Kay
Penny Kay commented
I am with Nanat, in that informing someone of the death of a loved one, would be the hardest thing to do...."p
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David Mathley answered
I guess you wouldn't want to tell them the truth. Everytime I tell the truth on here I get hammered with thumbs down feed back. I just did it again so I guess i need to expect to be hammered with negative feed back.

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