How Can I Get My Boyfriend To Break Up With Me?


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I don't think waiting for him to break up with you is a good thing to do. If you induce negative responses from him in hopes of making him mad enough to break up with you (such as ignoring him, flirting with other guys in front of him, being rude to him, etc) that will do it, but do you want that? Wouldn't you rather be honest with him, tell him that you weren't ready for a relationship yet and you guys should break up? I think this is the better way. Making yourself look bad so he won't want to be with you isn't fair to either of you.
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I did that once with my boy friend and now he doesn't like me anymore even though i still wanted to be friends :(
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Ignore him for awhile...that will do it.
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If you don't like him you shouldn't try to make him break up with you. It never works and is hurtful to the other person. Just tell him you don't feel the sparks.
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You should try to tell him but if you really can't you may be able to scare him off. If he hates clingy girls, than cling, if he hates public shows of affection ,kiss him a lot. Or if sex is in the picture, don't give him any!!
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Don't wait for him to. You have to take the first move and tell him what's going on. If you don't feel the same for him anymore or things aren't working out the way you want them to :)
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Talk about marriage, having kids, moving in together, meeting the parents, and just be as annoying as possible. If no luck after that then maybe he's a keeper.

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