I'm scared that my boyfriend might break up with me after he finds out I want to keep my virginity until marriage. What should I do?


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Arthur Wright answered
Stand your ground here and besides chances are if you gave it to him, he will disappear shortly afterwards like most guys do once they conquer their prey. Don't change or downgrade yourself just to keep some guy. There are millions of guys out here, most like him, but there are some good ones too that will honor your wishes here so don't give in or you will regret it and don't until you're absolutely ready and sure that's what you want to do, so if any doubt, don't do it.
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R.J. Pere answered
If he's a true friend/boyfriend, he needs to respect that. I am a guy who never had a problem getting a female. The nice ones at that, not to be boastful. I had more respect for the girls that let me know up front that their virginity was very important to them.
I loved the fact that I could be with someone that I like as a person and not as a trophy. If you man doesn't respect that, he's not going to respect any of your other priorities. DON'T DO IT!
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Don't have sex with him to make him happy, theres so many emotions that get involved once you've leaped that fence. If he breaks up with you after you tell him, its his loss not yours. If you sleep with him whose to say he still wouldnt break up with you. Once your virginity is gone it doesnt come back. If your not confortable then don't do it. Any man should respect the fact of any woman who is a virgin. If he pokes fun at you tell him you want to stay pure until your married.
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You keep your virginity because it is YOURS! If he leaves you for being a strong woman then you are better off without him! KEEP YOUR VIRGINITY!

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1st off .. If you feel he is that shallow and inconsiderate .. Then he's not much of a boyfriend.

2nly .. You need to be able to communicate everything with your partner .. If you can't .. Then he's not much of a boyfriend

3rdly .. If you can't trust him to respect something that is so important to you .. Then .. He's not much of a boyfriend

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Explain to him your reasons, and see if he accepts them as reasonable.
If it's important to you, then you should explain to him that it is important to you, so that he realises this.
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If he says he is desperate to have sex with you then tell him to marry you ASAP, problem is solved.

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