Is it normal for a teenager to have No friends at all?


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In my opinion, of course it is. It depends, maybe this teenager can't find anybody whom he/she find interesting to be friends with.
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charz welsh answered
It is the teenagers life if you start with no friend by the end they will have more friends then you will ever think
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Everyone should have friends, even if just one.  So, no this is not normal per say but can easily be fixed with a little creative tweaking here and there.
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Well my step sister has none but she has her sister and she is outright mean and I think that is why
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Mat Gee
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But teenagers these day especialy girls going through the first stages of puberty and period pains can be out right bi-tches and yes as arthur said you will need to dig deep because in some cases the teenager wont tell their parents and it may in a rare case end in suicide so you will have to ask and be polite dont be agresive in your aproach be calm and work your way up to the question
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Not really so you must dig deep insie and see what the problem is and then adjust your attitude and soon new doors will open

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