How Does Getting Pregnant At A Early Age Affect Teens?


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It is very hard. Not only will it be hard on your future, but you can't have a normal teenage life. You should better your life make sure your partner has a good career and bring a child to these world prepared. You don't want to get pregnant or get somebody pregnant if you can't support your child 100%. The way I see it young teens want to get pregnant but still live at home and have there parents which by the way raised there kids and now have to raise theres. Wouldnt you want to bring a child in this world and you and your partner being able to provide for the baby without anybody having to take care of your responsibility?
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Oh yes child it does! I had friends who had kids at a very young age. Most of them dropped outta school or their parents kicked them out. No school=no diploma=not-a-good-enough-job to support your baby.
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Well, there is a large possibility that you will loose out on life. People general go to school get a decent job and begin to work their way up in the world, so they can afford a child and create a healthy environment for a child to be raised in. Teenagers are often not fully developed emotionally so raising a child is particularly hard on them and may affect the development of that child. The teenage boys they have these children with eventually drift off and therefore the child is left without a dad affecting the rest of it's life. But more importantly teenagers are meant to have certain experiences and adventure where they learn life skills and get to enjoy being a teenager. If they have a kid they will miss out on all of that and more. There's a whole world out there I think one should travel get a career and grow up , before they decide to have babies. It would make the parent and child more happier.
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Very much so it affects your life. You have no time for friends, let alone family, school, work, all of that is seriously affected. You shouldn't even think about being a mom yet. You really are too young hon.
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It affects Teens more because if they have children at young age's the don't learn what life is all about. And they will be bogged down with a child. They will not be able to go out and have fun in pubs and clubs miss out on school disco's and party's. I now think that I should live a little before I make a life changing decision. I know because my friend had a baby at the age of 13 that it has rewind her life and she cannot go out to gigs and disco's party's and school functions thats how much it can affect teens having a baby. There are other troubles as well its you can get awful rips and tears to you're vaginal area if you have a baby at a young age. Babies= Nappies, Food, crying, at 3A.M in the morning, clothes, time, Love, affection, pain. My friend who got pregnant and had her child always walk's into school with her child and has private lesson's away from the rest of us. People call her a slut. She walk's in with bags under her eyes and she look's really unhappy when we ask her if she's ok she always's answers "I'm drained of energy!" I think its a bad thing.... LIVE A LITTLE! PARTY HARD GET DRUNK SMOKE IF YOU WANT TO HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE. When the time is wright to have kids some thing will pop out at you!! Please wait till you're about 17... Goodbye x x

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Yes it does very much. I read some of your comments just now and you said that your boyfriend works for a lot of money and he supports you and himself and earlier you also said that he's 15 yrs old where does a 15 yr old get that kind of money from. Not because he wants you to have his child means you should do it you are at a serious risk if you do get pregnant. I think I'm pregnant for my boyfriend but I'm at an age where I shouldn't have any problems physically or financially. I work for a good income and I'm mature in my body and mind. The only problem with me is that my boyfriend is living in North America and I'm living in South America so he won't be here to support me physically but he's there and I know he'll never leave me or his child (if I am pregnant).
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Having a baby at fourteen ruins your life.
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It forces teens to grow up faster and take on responsibilities that intended for a more mature person.
Finding employment,housing,putting off Education...just to name a few
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Listen to me and listen good1 if that is the only way for your boyfriend to prove his love than dump him! It isn't worth it! Too many teens have their lives ruined by having kids. You tell him you will have a child AFTER you are married! Ok?
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As being a teen mom, it made me grow up faster like rainbo said. It made me face fears such as telling my parents lol. But it also taught me to be responsible. It took me from a partying teen to a matur young adult. I got married at 16, also had my son at 16. We are a military family now. An we are truely a success story. But yes some storys don't always have a happy ending. Some teens it has no effects what so ever an they look at the child as a doll, something to dress up an when you "need a break" they pass it off to the grandparents. Ive seen both sides, an lived it. But one thing in both storys, is that they don't have pasionce. An that takes a toll on both child an parent. Causeing them to be more up-tight an stressed. But thats just my thinking, not wrote in stone somewhere. Just observations

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