How do I tell if a girl has a crush on me?


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catherine adams answered
Hi Jack, she'll perhaps be shy about it and not want you to know, and behave in a way that you might think that she does not have a crush on you. Ask her out and see how she responds - maybe a casual soda or coffee, and get to know her a bit more. A girl likes understanding, to feel safe and secure with a guy, and when you build up trust, this girl might show her affection for you, snuggle up close to you, listen to what she says. Stop, take a deep breath, and listen - what do you think? You sound like a nice guy Jack, and a girl may truly have a crush on you but you might have to encourage her. Find out what she likes to do - ask her about herself, and what she likes in life. A guy may be truly smitten at first, but not want to make any commitment. A girl likes commitment, well a lot of them do. You tell her you like her to start it off, and you'll soon know by her response how she feels. A girl is often shy, or convinced that they can't be honest in the beginning, for fear of rejection. So Good Luck Jack - And remember some women end up believing that sharing their feelings was the wrong thing to do. Do you really fancy this girl - would she be an ideal one for you to have a close relationship with, chat to her, listen to what she has to say... And Good Luck Jack

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